Covario was recently recognized by Deloitte as the No. 254 company on the consulting firm’s technology 500, one of several top rankings and recognitions that company officials attribute to sustaining long-term relationships with Intel and other business partners, keeping clients happy and concentrating on improving the company.

A privately-held company, Covario, operates SEM, SEO, Social media and Content Marketing campaigns for its clients in 100 countries, in more than 34 languages and across 12 search engines. Almost half of Covario’s customers run multi-national programs.

Covario uses a proprietary, six-step approach and methodology to develop and execute search and content strategies, including the “Search Center of Excellence” and “Digital Center of Excellence” methodologies for large global enterprises.

Several companies offer search capabilities. The overall business is growing tremendously. Covario’s Global Paid Search Spend Analysis showed that spending on pay-per-click advertising (PPC) by its enterprise technology, consumer electronics, and retail clients was up about 33 percent in the third quarter compared to the same period last year and 6 percent above the second quarter of 2012.

What sets Covario apart, according to spokesman Rick Clancy is the partnership relationship the company has with its customers.

“We concentrate a lot on net promoter scores,” Clancy explained. “We work hard to continue raising our scores. We conduct a semi-annual survey of clients and ask them if they would recommend Covario to a peer for the services that we offer.”

The survey respondents can rank Covario from 1-10. Anything below 5 is negative. Scores from 6-8 are passively positive. Covario sees anything less than a 9 as unacceptable, so it learns from clients about scores lower than that and attempts to address those issues.

“We work hard to continue to raise those scores,” Clancy said. “We have a passion, intensity and a heart-felt commitment to provide outstanding work and ROI for our customers. We have a partnership with and loyalty to our customers and vice versa. We have ongoing, active customer relationships.”

An annual customer conference helps solidify those relationships, Clancy added.

Providing relevant content is an increasingly important element of search, Clancy said. Relevant content, rather than simple keywords is increasingly prioritized by popular search engines, so having this content is essential for companies seeking to optimize their search engine rankings.

“Becoming good content producers helps companies in their search marketing performance,” Clancy said. “The content has to be important and topical.”

Paid search and search marketing optimized for the increasingly popular mobile devices are also becoming more important for companies, according to Clancy.

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