Customer Experience Reputation A Source of Pride at Discover

It’s often said in the loyalty industry that effective customer experience methods represent the key differentiating aspect for many companies.
Just ask Discover Financial Services.
Dennis Michel, Senior Vice President of Customer Service and Engagement at Discover Financial Services, talked to Loyalty360 about this prevailing theme at the company.
“When a customer calls Discover with an inquiry, service is a key differentiator for Discover and our reputation for customer experience is a source of pride for our employees,” Michel explained. “We have continuous consumer research, which drives product enhancement and innovation. This research led to an insight into the consumer’s desire for greater control, protection, and credit awareness. In response, Discover launched innovative benefits such as Free FICO Scores, Freeze iT, and SSN New Account Alerts. Customer expectations for friendly and easy interactions without a sales pitch led to numerous initiatives across Discover to simplify phone and digital experiences.”
Michel said that everything Discover does starts with an unwavering focus on the customer and providing products and services they need and want.
“They also want great rewards and recognition for loyalty,” Michel said. “The Discover Match program has given new Discover customers a compelling reason to experience the value Discover can offer. The increase of mobile servicing provides an opportunity for Discover to deliver solutions literally at your fingertips. Recently, Discover launched mobile messaging as a simplified way to assist our customers. Communicating via messaging and other messaging apps has become second nature, so it only made sense that customers should be able to enjoy the same convenience when communicating with our customer service team.”
But, challenges remain, Michel noted.
“The competition is fierce in the credit card industry and while Discover has a history of innovation, our competitors often quickly follow our lead (FICO, 5 percent, Freeze),” he explained. “We are committed to continuing to lead in innovation and driving value for our customers.”
Discover officials realize the power of strong and effective employee engagement.
“At Discover, we will always maintain the highest focus on employee engagement and the importance of treating our customers better than anyone else,” Michel explained. “We know great service can only sustain through strong employee engagement and we believe that if we treat our people right they will treat our customers the same. Discover has established itself as a trusted financial services company built on great customer service. Every call, email, and customer interaction is an opportunity to deliver on our company’s dedication to customers. All the employees at our call centers work together to support, problem solve, and make a difference in people’s lives. This is reflected in our many local awards. Last year, each of our call centers was recognized as a top place to work.”

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