Customer Experience Lights the Way at Publix

Publix Customer Experience

Some brands talk about customer experience while other brands live it. Maria Brous, Director of Media & Community Relations at Publix Super Markets, explained to Loyalty360 her company’s steadfast commitment to customer experience, customer engagement, and employee engagement.

Who is the champion of Customer Experience at Publix?

As a privately owned and operated company, each of us as owners is responsible for the customer experience at Publix. It starts at the top with our CEO and President. As we hire, train, and retain associates, this becomes their responsibility, as well.

How do you define CX?

Customer service is meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers. Providing our customers with the products and services they have grown to expect from us, providing friendly and knowledgeable associates, knowing our customers, knowing our business and training and developing our associates.  

How do you measure the effectiveness/efficacy of the program?

That’s the thing – it’s not a program; it’s our culture. We believe in providing the best service in the industry. We believe in building relationships with our customers that’s multi-generational.

How does the voice of the customer feedback impact your customer experiences?

We are always asking for the opinion of our customers and associates. We understand our business, watch trends and listen to customer feedback. As we evaluate buying decision, products and services, we keep our customers and associates at the forefront. We always examine customer perception and impact.      

Is the basis of your CX strategy short-term, medium, longer term or all three?

For nearly 85 years our customer service strategy has remained consistent, so definitely long term.

Is the measurement process for efficacy different based on the term?

I would say that it is as some would take small wins along the way. We are building loyal-lifers at Publix and looking for the long term.  

Has there been an “ah-ha” moment in this journey?Publix Customer Experience

I believe that we learn from every experience. There hasn’t been one defining moment that has changed our course in terms of the customer service expectation. We’ve tried different products and services along the way; kept the ones that resonated with our customers; and were responsible to our shareholders when they didn’t resonate well.   

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