Customers are more receptive to video ads on DCN premium publisher websites. This new statistic comes as a result of follow-up research stemming from comScore’s “The Halo Effect,” a report released in July exploring the effect of videos on visitors to sites within the DCN (Digital Content Network) family of sites as opposed to those outside of the association.
Direct Content Network is a group of some of the largest content-driven sites in the world, including Bloomberg, ESPN, ABC, and Forbes. The term “premium publisher” is defined in the report as any of these 76 brands.
According to the original “Halo Effect” report, video advertisements on premium publisher sites showed an average of 67% higher brand lift than those outside of the DCN membership. This research supports previously held assumptions that reception to ads is directly impacted by the surrounding context of the site on which it appears. These premium publisher ads were also found to be three times as effective in driving mid-funnel metrics like favorability and intent to recommend, a crucial statistic in measuring ad engagement.
The follow-up research, commissioned by DCN, seeks to dive deeper into this data to discover how this engagement manifests itself among demographics.
According to this new additional data, the increased brand lift is partially based on household income: Those with income of less than $75,000 annually showed a greater brand lift compared to higher incomes, although these $75k+ households still possessed mid-funnel brand lift almost double of that on non-premium publisher sites.
“We wanted to dig further into the results of comScore’s ‘The Halo Effect’ research to understand brand lift for different demos and for video advertising in particular,” said DCN CEO Jason Kint. “We now have further proof that advertising on premium publisher sites drives higher brand lift for both display and video advertising.”
The report comes at a time when online video advertising finds itself at the forefront of the business world, thanks to recent news regarding the mistakenly skewed metrics used by Facebook to measure engagement.
The halo effect of high quality, content driven sites extends to the ads shown on its site. With the positive perception of the brand comes a receptive audience for included video ads, giving marketers a golden opportunity for engagement and advertising wins.

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