Costco, JetBlue, and Netflix Achieve Top Net Promoter Scores for Customer Loyalty

Net promoter score customer loyalty The results of the 10th annual Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks Study are in and Costco, JetBlue, USAA, and Netflix were among the biggest customer experience and brand loyalty winners this year. The overall results also marked a number of additional shifts in the current marketing landscape, including the rise of eight new leaders across the 22 industry categories that Satmetrix’s popular study measures.

As brands seek new ways to gain an edge over the competition, Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are providing detailed understandings of crucial factors that drive customer loyalty and rich benchmarking performance measures. And now, more than ever, accurate and relevant data driven insights are a key ingredient for success, which is why Satmetrix’s NPS is becoming an increasingly significant source of customer engagement information.

Promoted as a leading global metric for brands to gauge, manage, and improve the customer experience, Satmetrix’s study looks at more than 200 major brands across 22 industries including retail, entertainment, technology, insurance, finance, telecommunications, and hospitality. This list is cross-referenced with more than 30,000 nationwide customers, who rate various brand experiences on a 10-point scale. NPS is then calculated as a percentage by subtracting the brand detractors (those marking six or lower) from the brand promoters (those rating nine or higher).

This year Costco was a huge winner. The wholesale retailer led every brand in every industry category with an NPS score of 79. USAA also had an impressive showing as it continued to dominate three entire categories. This is the sixth straight year that USAA ranked first in insurance, auto, and banking.

JetBlue overtook Southwest Airlines to become this year’s lead in its category. Similarly, Netflix also moved up one notch, from No. 2 to No. 1, supplanting Pandora as the top online entertainment provider. This year’s study also marked the arrival of a former champion. After four years behind Trader Joe’s, Wegman’s returned to the top grocery/supermarket spot.

“Our 2015 reports provide not only industry rankings according to companies’ Net Promoter Scores, but also direct insight into which customer experiences drive loyalty and are most critical to a company's success,” said Brendan Rocks, head of data science at Net promoter scoreSatmetrix. “The Net Promoter leaders in their respective industries have positioned themselves to outpace the competition in the areas of increased customer retention and acquisition and ultimately in terms of bottom line growth.”

This is great news for the brands that did well, not so much, however, for those that did poorly. An NPS that exceeds 50 is said to be a substantial measure of excellence. However, many insurance companies seem to be struggling to hit this mark. Humana, Medicare, and State Farm all dropped by at least 20 points. Additionally,, eBay, Time-Warner Cable, and Wal-Mart all measured significant NPS drops as well.

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