Telecoms World Names Bakcell

Telecom LoyaltyAs an innovative 3G network and cellular communications provider, Bakcell is a rising industry star. Recently named as one of the world’s top five telecommunications companies with regards to customer experience and satisfaction, Bakcell waited with anticipation to see if its loyalty program, Ulduzum, would ultimately bring home Telecoms World’s top honors.

But now the wait is over. And by proving that it truly does provide one of the world’s best customer experiences, Bakecell has won.

After being chosen from 250 companies in the telecommunications industry from the Middle East, Central and South Asia and North Africa, Bakcell's Ulduzum has been awarded first place at the Telecoms World Middle East Awards ceremony in Dubai.

This award officially demonstrates Bakcell's enduing commitment to understand and exceed consumer needs by providing an exceptional customer experience.

"We are proud to win this award and be placed first among 250 telecoms companies,” said Mr. Richard Shearer, CEO of Bakcell. “It proves that Bakcell's Ulduzum delivers the best consumer service not only in Azerbaijan, it is the best service in Middle East, Central and South Asia and North Africa region, which means one of the best in the world. We believe this is just the beginning, Ulduzum will continue to deliver the best consumer experience to Bakcell customers and will continue to grow and hopefully win a lot of prestigious awards in the future."

Ulduzum offers members a host of discounts through numerous selected restaurants, fashion boutiques, furniture stores, home appliances, electronics departments, health services, sporting and recreational centers, and more.Ulduzum loyalty program

As one of the most successful and popular loyalty programs in Azerbaijan, almost 1.5 million people currently use Ulduzum. It is perfect for digital audiences on the go, and offers a convenient mobile app, which comes with a geo-location feature to allow members to find the nearest partners.

“For us, our loyalty program Ulduzum is more than just providing attractive discounts to our customers; it is about loyalty, trust and being one big Bakcell family,” Maria Toycheva, Chief Marketing Officer of Bakcell, said when Telecoms World originally selected Ulduzum as a finalist. “There is some high customer engagement praise being floated about for the loyalty program of one of the leading telecommunications companies of the Middle East, Central and South Asia and North Africa.” 

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