Baesman to Host Webinar on Paid Loyalty Programs

Cassie Preston, Director of Client Services, CRM, and Loyalty at Baesman will be hosting a webinar on July 27th to discuss paid loyalty programs.

Baesman is an end-to-end marketing partner for B2C businesses with over 70 years of experience in the retail industry. The company assists brands in building best-in-class loyalty programs, supporting brands with everything from data insight and strategy through execution.

As a partner that works brand-side with many retailers daily, Baesman has seen a sudden rise in interest surrounding paid loyalty as it becomes more prevalent. Many retailers see paid loyalty as a solution to cash flow pressures in a post-pandemic economy, or as the way to garner deeper, more loyal relationships with their customers.

The webinar will cover key topics of paid loyalty programs, including:

  • Paid or premium loyalty basics
  • What customers look for in paid loyalty programs
  • Which industries work well with paid loyalty programs
  • Real-life case studies
  • How to assess the success of a paid loyalty program (setting goals, defining clear KPIs)
  • Tools and resources needed to implement a paid loyalty program
Preston will discuss paid loyalty in today’s environment, how to start the process for determining whether it’s right for your brand, and key factors to consider before implementing. 

Retail brand partners interested in learning what’s new in loyalty will benefit from this program.

For those interested in registering for the webinar - Paid Loyalty: How to Know Whether It’s Right for Your Brand – on July 27, the link to RSVP is included here.

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