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Interactive Video Holds Potential to Create Elevated Customer Engagement

During Thursday’s Loyalty360 webinar titled, “Supercharge Your Videos With Interactivity,” which was presented by HapYak, Kyle...

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Creating More Relevant Customer Experiences: The New Role of Interactive Video

Customers today take a vastly different journey in their product purchases than in past years. As more than 70% of the decision-making process is...



Loyalty360 reports on news and trends related to loyalty marketing, customer loyalty, customer engagement, customer experience, CRM, voice of the customer and more. Our ongoing coverage is of interest to marketers and operations professionals in any industry.

[Podcast] HapYak - Supercharge Your Videos With Interactivity

Marketing professionals have long known the power of video to capture an audience. With recent advances in technology, loyalty marketers are...

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Loyalty360 Adds 4 New Members to Association, 4 Members Renew Membership

Eight total companies begin or renew their partnership with Loyalty360 Loyalty360, the association for customer loyalty, is pleased to announce...

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Loyalty360 Analyst Report | HapYak

HapYak enables its users to overlay interactive elements on their existing videos, integrate with client systems for obtaining data, and provide...

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Loyalty360 Featured Technology | HapYak

Within the past several years, personalized video has risen to prominence as a means to engage, acquire, and retain customers across a variety of...



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Supercharge Your Videos With Interactivity

Recording below:Marketing professionals have long known the power of video to capture an audience. With recent advances in technology, loyalty...


HapYak Interactive Video lets you easily add interactions to all your videos and provides analytics that measure engagement, lead intelligence and conversion. Now digital marketers can increase the impact of video and measure the strongest signals from their audience, interactions.   Quickly and easily add Calls-to-Action, Forms, Polls...

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