Webinar: To be presented August 16, 2018 @ 11AM ET

Your customers are changing… are you? Learn how leading marketers stay relevant in rapidly evolving markets.

The topic of changing customers has been a hot topic in marketing since the beginning of marketing. Predicting and adapting to changes in consumer habits is among the most vital skills a marketer can possess. However, we continue to hear from brands that feel they struggle to keep pace with the rapidly changing customer paradigm, and very few feel they have mastered it.

Loyalty360’s Executive Perspective Report and webinar will include qualitative viewpoints from many brands of assorted industries that see customers changing and a variety of opportunities and challenges related to a demand for increased convenience, heightened customer expectations, more informed and fluid consumers, and external factors that may be beyond the brand’s control.

Join Mark Johnson, CEO, Loyalty360 & Kevin Cochrane, CMO, SAP Customer Experience as they dive into the topic of customers changing, as well as the exclusive qualitative responses from leading brands in the customer loyalty space, as detailed in Loyalty360’s Executive Perspective report.

Attendees will receive a copy of the report following the event, as well as a recording of the webinar.

Key Takeaways:

  • How brands are moving towards a digital or mobile-first presence, as the demand for convenience grows

  • What measures brands are taking to meet heightened customer expectations across all touchpoints

  • How brands are meeting the challenge of keeping up with more informed, educated and fluid customers

  • How external factors beyond a brand’s control, can create additional challenges...or opportunities

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Kevin Cochrane, CMO. SAP Customer Experience

Kevin Cochrane was appointed to the position of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), SAP Customer Experience, in February 2018. He brings over 20 years’ experience in the digital experience and digital marketing space to SAP. 


mark_johnson_march.jpgMark Johnson, CEO & CMO, Loyalty360
As CEO and CMO of Loyalty360, Mark is committed to bringing loyalty to the forefront as a critical marketing strategy. To further this goal, he created Loyalty360 in 2007 – a market-driven association through which brands and loyalty providers can interact and collaborate with each other.