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As the association for customer loyalty, Loyalty360 is working to create a series of standardizations and measurements regarding definitions, metrics, best practices, training procedures, and continuing education processes to allow brands to facilitate and enhance stakeholder engagement with consumers, employees and executives.

This initiative will also help brands objectively understand industry best practices and, in turn, what they too should be considering. Such a customer-facing standard of loyalty and CX will finally allow brands to effectively communicate their mission and ability to put the customer first in a tangible way. Furthermore, it will help brands implement the training and continuing education required to keep up with changing customer expectations, and to understand which new technologies will best advance CX and loyalty goals.

As a benefit to members of our association, Loyalty360 is seeking to solve these issues through a new initiative. In collaboration with our Board of Advisors and Advisory Panel, we are in the process of developing a series of certification standards, metrics, and training that will allow participants to demonstrate to customers, fellow organizations, and internal constituencies alike that they represent true customer centricity.

This multi-step process will serve as an “audit” tool for brand/marketers to evaluate their organizations in six key areas: Engagement Strategy, Customer Experience Strategy, Performance Management Metrics, Customer Insights, Organizational Commitment, and Operational Excellence. For more information, visit wevalueyou.com.

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