Loyalty360 Quarterly Analyst Update | 2021 Q2
Loyalty360 | June 17, 2021

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This report will bring additional insight to marketers who want their loyalty programs to survive and thrive. For brands looking for an objective perspective as to the state of customer loyalty, inclusive of the challenges and opportunities facing those running programs, this report will provide deeper insight into partners that could potentially replace, augment or provide a strategic or tactical benefit to their current program.

The quarterly update will supply additional information on the leading suppliers in the market, each company's current focus and recent product innovations, client news, and details on "what's next" for each supplier in the coming months.

In this analyst report, Loyalty360 details the state of customer loyalty, inclusive of the latest market trends, and current opportunities within customer loyalty facing both brands and suppliers. This industry overview is be informed by extensive data points driven by Loyalty360's unique position within the industry, which includes hundreds of brands and suppliers within a diverse set of industries.

Each Quarterly Analyst Update will feature a set of customer loyalty-focused platforms, agencies, and/or consultancies, with timely and relevant updates on each provider.

The featured supplier partners in the newly released 2021 Q2 update are Cheetah Digital, ICF Next, and Prizelogic.

**Complimentary access to this report is for Loyalty360 Brand Members. Due to the confidential nature of this report, supplier partner access is limited. 


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