B2B Loyalty & Engagement Programs - Do They Really Work?
The Comarch Team | June 07, 2018

Gaining customer loyalty is absolutely crucial for B2B marketers. It helps to gain referrals and to create new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities. However, today it seems that they prioritize acquisition over retention. Most B2B marketers need to change their mindset, moving from focusing on products and internal processes to concentrating on the comprehensive customer relationship. One of the main tools to address this need is a B2B loyalty program with fixed objectives, a target group and relevant, personalized benefits.

In this white paper we will highlight the key challenges that B2B marketing executives face. Moreover, we will explain the basics of engagement and loyalty programs and point out the new dynamic changes in the current B2B environment. Finally, we will share some tips and recommendations, collected during various projects with international brands. We are sure that you will fi nd them useful when creating a new B2B loyalty program, or revamping your current one.

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