Victoria’s Secret Pink, the lifestyle brand dedicated to the independent college-age girl, has released an updated version of its loyalty program, Pink Nation. The new Pink Nation offers a redesigned mobile app to deliver a more accessible and personalized experience for Victoria’s Secret customers.
The updated program will also feature member-only offers and benefits, access to exclusive events, and random promotions through in-app content. The app will also serve as a platform to connect college girls with their respective Campus Reps, Pink’s brand ambassador program.
Sarah Sylvester, Senior Vice President of Pink Marketing, says, “Pink Nation was built to be a nontraditional loyalty program. We are proud it has become a real community; a real relationship between us and our girl.”
Victoria’s Secret will also be rolling out a multi-city bus tour that begins in Chicago. The tour is designed to bring the enhanced app to key markets and encourage membership.
Keri Wilson, director of Pink Digital marketing, says, “The average person has around 80 apps on their phone at a time, and that number increases for college girls. To be part of her mobile world, we created a truly unique experience she cannot find anywhere else.” Wilson adds that “Pink Nation is where we can have fun with technology and innovation.”
To encourage new membership, members will get an instant free offer when the app is downloaded, with an additional new offer each month. Pink Nation members will be the first to shop new styles, and be invited to coveted member-only events like shopping trips, parties, and other experiences. Members also have access to ultra-exclusive events with Pinkmodels, celebrities, and influencers.
The Pink program launched in 2009 and was met with good reviews and a high rate of customer usage. The company says there are more than 2 million active monthly users who remain engaged via product promotions and special offers through giveaways and sweepstakes.
The relaunch of Pink is the latest in a wave among clothing retailers that have either launched or revamped loyalty programs to gain a better connection with their customers. Nordstrom and Abercrombie & Fitch are examples of brands that have recently updated their loyalty program to reach a larger customer base.

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