Building customer loyalty is something marketers pursue on a daily basis. It’s wonderful to attain customer loyalty and, more importantly, to retain it.

Needle released an infographic titled, “Chutes & Ladders of Ecommerce Customer Loyalty.”

“Building customer loyalty can be a game of Chutes and Ladders for marketers – especially for those in online retail,” the infographic reads. “There are plenty of ladders and best practices to climb the board, but beware of pitfalls!”

Jeff Adcock, Chief Strategy Officer & SVP of Alliances at Needle, offered three tips for building ecommerce customer loyalty:

Provide support by mimicking brick-and-mortar: 22% of online consumers say they miss the personalized in-store experience provided by live sales associates. To capture the loyalty of these shoppers, replicate the in-store experience by offering live associates to online consumers as well. This personal presence can help alleviate stress for the 41% who feel anxious about their purchases and the 29% who are overwhelmed by product options.
Leverage user-generated content: 25% of online consumers say they have abandoned a purchase due to poor product information, and 28% say their biggest frustration is the time it takes to research products. In addition, 65% say they seek out user-generated content before making a purchase. Make sure each product on your site lists ample, easy-to-find specifications. Consider co-creating content with your brand’s most passionate advocates. For example, showcase guest blogs from influencers, share fans’ social media content and highlight customer reviews. By offering quality content and information, you’re more likely to gain customers who are eager to return to your site.

Instill brand trust through peers: Only 12% of consumers trust sales associates, but 82% trust personal endorsements. You can’t rely on typical sales conversations to form lasting connections between consumers and your brand. Instead, provide your customers peer-to-peer interactions by activating passionate brand advocates who can offer first-hand knowledge and trusted advice as a result of owning and using the products themselves. Trusted experiences like this lead to long-term loyalty. 

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