Papa Johns 2024 Loyalty Expo Session: Designing a Competitive Loyalty Program that Breaks Free from Aggregators and Heavy Discount Approaches

Papa Johns first opened its doors more than 30 years ago in the U.S. and has become an international QSR franchisee operating in the UAE, Saudi, and Jordan with over 100 stores in these locations. Worldwide, the brand operates in over 5,000 locations in 45 countries and territories.
Papa Johns was selected as a finalist for the Loyalty Program Design category for this year’s Loyalty360 Awards, to be held at the Loyalty Expo June 4-6 in Orlando, FL. Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty360, spoke with Karim Chaanine, Chief Marketing Officer at PJP Investment Group – Papa Johns, about the upcoming presentation. 

Could you give us a brief overview of your awards presentation that will be made at the 2024 Loyalty Expo?  
Chaanine: Like many in the restaurant vertical, we’ve encountered challenges, including a heavy reliance on third-party aggregators and customers who are accustomed to significant discounts when it comes to ordering food online.
In recent years, we focused on transforming our marketing strategy and customer engagement to address these challenges. We’ve implemented many strategic steps with promising results, establishing a solid foundation for customer communication, the ordering experience, and engagement.
With the recent shift in market dynamics, where aggregators have also introduced loyalty programs, we realized that we needed to rethink our approach.
A month of market research and analysis led us to a new idea. This is what we will present on—an entirely gamified and interactive digital customer experience based on a dynamic loyalty program. We’re thrilled to showcase our loyalty program design at the Expo.
Who do you think would benefit most from your award presentation at the conference?  
Chaanine: Our award presentation will mainly benefit global restaurants in the QSR segment, as it is unique to the volume of orders specific to QSR.
This presentation will be relevant to those facing similar challenges, with a need to:

  • Remain competitive
  • Break away from aggregators and heavy discount approaches
  • Enhance customer lifetime value
This presentation will also be valuable to other business segments with high order frequencies, such as groceries, as well as those who aim to appeal to a younger audience where gamification could be particularly effective.
What are a few key takeaways attendees can expect to learn from your awards presentation?  
Chaanine: Attendees will gain valuable insights from our award presentation, including actionable strategies and practical guidance for optimizing loyalty programs.
During this session, attendees will see live examples of a successful tiered loyalty program that is highly dynamic. They’ll gain insights into its configuration and settings for optimal performance. We will also explore UI solutions that make dynamic tiered loyalty systems intuitive, visually captivating, and engaging for users.
We’ll discuss innovative approaches for implementing emotionally compelling rewards for premium users—hence the multi-tiered approach. Attendees will learn about the potential of AI in evolving personalized communication and the remarkable results it can bring in tailored marketing campaigns. We’ll highlight best practices for optimizing the cost-effectiveness of loyalty programs while ensuring their continued efficacy.
In sum, we’ll explore best practices for experimenting with loyalty games while showcasing how interactive experiences can elevate engagement and educate users about menu offerings. We’ll provide valuable insights for attendees to take back to their brands.
Please visit to learn more about Loyalty360’s upcoming Loyalty Expo, including details on the event agenda and how to register.

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