As automakers continue to search for new ways to engage with customers, Nissan continues to lead the way in customer loyalty. The car manufacturer’s all-electric Nissan LEAF took home the top prize in the Non-Luxury Traditional Compact Car category at the IHS Automotive Loyalty Awards, marking its second straight win at the event.
The award was presented at the Automotive News World Congress, held at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, one of the largest automotive shows in the world.
According to a release, the IHS Automotive Loyalty Awards “recognize automotive manufacturers and brands for customer retention and conquest efforts during the 2015 model year.” The award is a testament to the number of LEAF drivers who repurchase the vehicle when buying a new car.
The push for environmentally friendly cars has continued to build momentum in recent years. Electric cars and hybrids are beneficial not only for reducing emissions, but also for bolstering customer loyalty with car shoppers who are looking for the stellar gas mileage (or charge length) and peace of mind that comes with making an environmentally conscious vehicle selection.
“We know that Nissan LEAF drivers love the benefits of driving electric—zero spending on gas, quick acceleration and the feeling of driving an environmentally friendly vehicle, to name a few—which is why so many LEAF owners come back and buy another LEAF,” said Andrew Speaker, Nissan’s director of Electric Vehicle Sales and Marketing. “Receiving the IHS Loyalty Award for the second year in a row demonstrates that LEAF owners repurchase more often than owners of any other compact car, and it is evidence of their strong enthusiasm for all-electric vehicles.”
The enhanced loyalty resulting from “green” cars is a significant factor in auto manufacturing efforts. As electric cars continue to prove themselves as a driver of brand loyalty, companies are now seeing them as a viable revenue stream, as opposed to the novelty they may have been in past years. 
The LEAF is the best-selling EV (electric vehicle) in history, boasting a 50% share in the zero-emission vehicle segment.

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