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Flybuys, eBay Partnership Yields Massive Opportunities for Australians
Flybuys, Australia’s most popular loyalty program, has partnered with eBay to create an entirely different rewards program for Australians. With more than 11 million monthly unique visitors of, users can link their accounts to Flybuys to collect 1 point for every $2 spent on eligible items across Those who actively use Flybuys will now also be able to redeem their Flybuys points for eBay vouchers, amounting to $10 in vouchers for every 2,000 points collected. Periodically, there will be bonus offers for users to rack up as many points as possible. With eBay facing increased competition, the move drastically improves the shopping experience for Australians and eBay users. The points-based loyalty idea is a tried-and-true method that resonates with customers. Brands do not always need to reinvent the wheel in order to appeal to their customers.
Groupon Sees Its Membership Program Becoming Modern-Day Loyalty Program
Groupon is fast becoming more than it initially envisioned. Created as an electronic coupon business, last fall the company began offering a membership program it calls Groupon+ that lets users link their credit card accounts to Groupon in order to rack up discounts in the form of refunds without actually having to get a coupon. Wait. That kind of program sounds familiar. Well, during its most recent earnings call this week, CEO Rich Williams called Groupon+ a modern-day loyalty program for restaurants, and that it could morph into something that would help businesses enhance their loyalty programs. It’s also integrating the platform with booking and ticket ordering through a partnership with Live Nation. More than a million members were added during the quarter, Williams told MarketWatch.

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