Loyalty360 Reads: March 5th, 2019

For Metro, dunnhumby Is Still the One
Metro, the Canadian food and pharmacy retailer, has renewed its partnership with UK-based global customer data science firm dunnhumby. The companies have worked together for a decade. “With dunnhumby’s deep insights that are delivered by their customer data science platform, we have gained a better understanding of our customers and their shopping needs,” says Alain Tadros, VP of Marketing for Metro.
Acquisition Fuels National Gift Card’s Digital Renaissance
Great to see our sponsors in the news: National Gift Card has acquired digital payments and fundraising provider Benefit Mobile. This move will enable National Gift Card to help charitable organizations grow and will strengthen its ability to enhance mobile offerings of retail merchants.
“Without giving away any secret sauce, the plan is to have NGC offer all of the things expected of a gift card company, but we have some aces up our sleeves for more revolutionary-type uses of the gift card in combination with our platform that can be really impactful,” says D.J. Asad, CEO of Benefit Mobile and now President of National Gift Card.
Wine Tasting Engages the Brain More than Any Other Activity
Stop wasting your time with literature and Mozart. Yale neuroscientist Gordon Shepherd argues in his book Neuroenology: How the Brain Creates the Taste of Wine that wine tasting engages the brain more than any other human activity. The brain is needed to create flavor and the act of savoring the subtleties of wine puts the grey matter to work.
Marketers Aren’t Getting the Most out of Their Data
Over at AdWeek, Rex Briggs makes the case that data acquisition is strong across brands, but those brands are failing to use that customer data to its full potential. “When there are gaps in the data, if the data is inaccurate or if the analysis of the data is done in silos, it can generate misleading conclusions and lead to poor decisions that decrease business performance.” Brand leaders tend to tell us that they have plenty of data, so Briggs argument seems to have merit.
Domino’s Prepares for AI Loyalty
In its Q4 post-earnings conference call, the pizza chain’s executives have indicated that the company will use an AI loyalty promotion that can identify a pizza in a photograph. Consumers can use this pizza identification to earn rewards points. Increasingly, brands are rewarding consumers for engagement (rather than purchases alone). This creative approach should get consumers more involved with the Domino’s brand.

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