Millennium Simplifies
The London-based hospitality brand has relaunched its program, with a focus on simplicity. “Millennium’s previous loyalty program used a tiered-membership approach like a traditional hotel brand such as Hilton or Marriott might employ. By switching to a single-tiered system, the brand hopes to cut down on complexity and increase engagement across its entire spectrum of travelers.” We’re seeing simplification and unification occurring in a lot of hospitality programs, and this is in keeping with that trend.
Customer Experience
Amazon Does Coachella
At this year’s Coachella festival, Amazon will have a storefront that offers onsite delivery. ““Our Amazon festival storefront is a one-stop shop for Coachella attendees. From functional items like sunscreen and hand sanitizer, to trendy accessories like instant-print cameras and aviator sunglasses, we’ve got festival-goers covered,” said Patrick Supanc, the brand’s Worldwide Director of Lockers and Pickup. Today’s brands need to meet customers where they are; this move takes that dictum to a new level. Also, no one has an excuse to get sunburnt this year.

7-Eleven Optimizes Digital Initiatives
Traditionally, convenience stores haven’t done much to engage customer digitally. 7-Eleven is making major efforts to do just that. “SMS text messaging is another way to reach and engage customers — and a popular one, as 75 percent of consumers indicate they would like to receive offer messages through this medium. SMS apps are also one of the most frequently used types of smartphone apps. As a result, companies can send personalized messages based on data in a medium they know customers are going to be in.”

Foot Locker Expands Identity
The retailer is attempting to become more than a shoe store—it’s becoming a youth cultural hub. It has opened its first “Power Stores,” which “These “feature not only local touches and locally-tailored exclusive products. They also aim to deliver on the retail buzzword of the day: experience.  Meant to be “a hub for local sneaker culture, art, music and sports,” in the company’s words, they have space to host traffic-driving community events including pop-up nail salons and Xbox gaming sessions.” Experience and purpose mean a lot to consumers these days, so this approach should bring growth to the brand.

Wayfair Enters the Material World
The once-exclusively-e-commerce retailer will open its first physical store in Natick, Massachusetts. “Wayfair CEO and co-founder Niraj Shah said a permanent location will allow the company to bring its website to life, and hopefully win more customers over with ‘knowledgeable support and expertise of our in-store design team’ that can’t be matched online.”

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