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Facebook’s Data Problem Worsens…
Things continue to spiral at Facebook. This weekend, the New York Times reported Facebook had data-sharing agreements with at least 60 device makers, most of which are still active. Device makers were able to access data of users' friends, such as relationship status, religion, and political leaning. The reasoning behind this was for enhanced “Facebook-like experiences” for users. The problem behind the reasoning is that users don’t have any idea what exactly that entails. Facebook vehemently disagreed with the New York Times piece, and even penned their own article in response to it. Has all trust with the social media giant been broken with users? Possibly. However, as long as your Aunt is posting pictures of the new family dog, there will always be plenty of people who cannot turn away from the brand.

Ikea Shifts Towards E-Commerce  
Ikea recently announced they will be scrapping plans to build three new stores and instead be putting a heavier focus on their online sales. With the retail environment rapidly changing in terms of how consumers like to purchase products, Ikea has decided to shift its strategy to align with these needs. It is a major shift for the brand because of the known experiences associated with shopping at Ikea stores in years past. From free food to Wi-Fi, customers can make an entire day out of visiting Ikea, which for years added to its appeal. The move into e-commerce is yet another example of a massive retail brand needing to adapt to shifts that no longer only affect small businesses.

Espresso Flavored Snicker’s Bars… Yes, We Are Going Down This Road, America.
This morning, Snickers announced three bold, brand new flavors, in accordance with its “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” campaign. The flavors each have a “hunger symptom” associated with them. Espresso is irritable, Fiery is wimpy, and Salty & Sweet is indecisive. There will be a variety of challenges and promotions released with the new flavors, ranging from “Escape Room” style challenges to a Flavor Diagnosis indicator as well. And of course, for the chocolate traditionalists out there, if the flavors are a little too bold for your liking, there will always be the tried and true method of just getting a regular Snickers bar.

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