Loyalty360 Award Finalist Overview Conference Session:  Kristina Parag, Manager, Associate Marketing Manager

Kristina Parag, Associate Marketing Manager at Johnson & Johnson, is a finalist at this year’s Loyalty Expo for the 2022 Loyalty360 Awards in the Customer Insights & Metrics category.

Johnson & Johnson Consumer Health is driven to improve the personal health of people everywhere and delivers products that are rooted in science and endorsed by professionals.

Care Club had to overcome one of the CPG industry’s greatest challenges – indirect, anonymous relationships with consumers. By successfully designing and implementing a consumer-centric, digital-first strategy focused on durable first-party data, the program now hits over ten data points per consumer and drives personalized content to engage with customers in a truly one-to-one experience. 

Care Club’s Loyalty program creates the opportunity for Johnson & Johnson Consumer to deliver a holistic, cross-portfolio consumer experience, designed to develop direct 1:1, personalized relationships. The program is focused on delivering custom, relevant content for each of its members based on implicit and explicit signals, including their selected products and topics of interest, purchase behaviors and level of activity in the program to generate zero- and first-party data.

Users are segmented based on ten or more data points to tailor the customer experience on the website and in email communications, down to the brand and category level. The digital-first, consumer-centric program drives engagement with videos, polls, surveys and articles that reward the members with points for doing more than just buying the product. The more each customer engages in the program, the more data the company collects, and can in turn provide the most relevant experiences and communications, thereby increasing retention efficiently.
Care Club continues to evolve and enhance both the member experience and expand opportunities for Johnson & Johnson Consumer brands to engage and secure valuable data. Over the past year, the program launched over 20 new enhancements that directly augment the user experience with new activities to earn points, optimized rewards, a new VIP tier for the most loyal members, a refreshed user-friendly dashboard, Spanish language toggle, Google sign-in and dynamic brand surveys.
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