Hotel chain La Quinta is looking to drive increased customer loyalty through a partnership with loyalty solutions leader Points. The companies are collaborating on improvements to La Quinta Returns, a loyalty program that allows La Quinta guests to earn and redeem points at the brand’s more than 880 locations in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Honduras. 
As part of the program enhancements, La Quinta Returns members will be able to spend points to book stays at thousands of luxury resorts around the world. These newly eligible locations include New York’s Kitano Hotel, the Omni Chicago Hotel, and Loews Santa Monica in Los Angeles.
What’s more, La Quinta officials tweaked the manner in which points are redeemed. Guests are now being offered more options than ever before, able to pay for stays either entirely in points or with a combination of points and cash. As customers seek more flexibility in loyalty programs, La Quinta is staying ahead of the curve by providing customers with experiences that are redeemable whenever and however the guest chooses.
“We strive to provide our La Quinta Returns members with the best experience possible,” said Derek Blake, La Quinta’s Vice President of Partnership Marketing. “By using Points Travel, we’re able to reward our returning guests and make our loyalty currency more valuable as La Quinta Returns members are traveling domestically and abroad.”
The newest update to La Quinta Returns was built on Points Travel, a travel ecommerce loyalty solution that was developed by Points to simplify the redemption process for brands looking to drive program-based loyalty.
“Through this new program, we’re helping La Quinta drive customer loyalty by making its loyalty currency more accessible and its program more flexible,” Christopher Barnard, Co-Founder and President of Points, told Loyalty360. “By leveraging the Points Travel platform, La Quinta Returns is increasing the number of ways its points can be redeemed. The greater the flexibility, the greater the value is for La Quinta Returns members and the greater the incentive for their continued loyalty.”
Barnard added: “Our vision is to help make loyalty programs more valuable and engaging, and we’re excited that La Quinta continues to leverage our platform to deliver innovative solutions to its members. This is the first time we’ve introduced this type of hotel redemption program, and we believe this redemption model is going to be a game-changer in the loyalty industry.”

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