BOULDER, Colo., July 13, 2011—EVOL Foods, Boulder-based maker of made-from-scratch natural and organic frozen food, is proud to announce a new partnership with Zipongo. The San Francisco based technology company empowers healthy and sustainable living through tailored meal, exercise, sleep and “healthy deal” plans. EVOL will be featuring its burritos, wraps, and gluten-free entree bowls through Zipongo’s Healthy Deals—a combination of innovative social media promotions and in-store marketing, in a continuous effort to expose shoppers to healthier meal options.  

“EVOL is very excited to be one of Zipongo’s first partners and reach consumers through a new and fun interactive social media format,” said Chris Mears,  EVOL Foods vice president of sales. “There are a lot of different coupon options out there through websites and social media outlets, but none that partners with specific retailers in a specific marketplace and gives consumers great value.”

With today’s overwhelming selection of food products, consumers are unknowingly exposed to brands that use deceptive advertising and labeling. Zipongo exposes customers only to natural and organic brands that are nutritionally balanced and deliver what they promise so shoppers can be confident they are being introduced to brands that have their best interests at heart.  Zipongo’s Healthy Deals will help new customers with previously limited exposure to natural brands try healthier foods, and with a companion loyalty program in the works, will make healthier eating accessible to many more people.

“EVOL made sense as a partner because they are passionate natural and high-quality.  Their grab-and-go sizes, great taste, fun brand experience and well-rounded nutrition fit our criteria for being convenient, fun and healthy, ” said Jason Langheier M.D., M.P.H., Zipongo founder. “EVOL is making it easy to LOVE healthy food again.”

Zipongo’s Healthy Deals of the Day and other resources can be accessed by visiting, by downloading their iPhone or Android app, or by subscribing to emails with the latest deals.

About EVOL Foods

EVOL (ee-vuhl) Foods, based in Boulder, Colo., is changing the way the world thinks about frozen food. Philip Anson,  chief operating officer, chef and founder, is very choosy about what goes into his burritos, wraps, snacks, entrees, flatbreads and pizzas:  antibiotic-free chicken, pork, beef and chorizo sausage; artisan hand-tossed dough; cage-free eggs; traditionally made tortillas;  herb-roasted skin-on potatoes; house-made green chile and salsas; and numerous local and organic ingredients. There’s a lot to LOVE about EVOL. Produced by Phil’s Fresh Foods LLC, EVOL Foods is available in grocery stores nationwide.

About Zipongo

The Zipongo mission is to empower healthy and sustainable living that is fun, convenient, accessible and enjoyed with friends. Zipongo provides Healthy Deals to consumers, to make it easy to discover and eat healthier food at, and via their iPhone and Android apps.  Their community is also helping them shape,  which allows users to track food and exercise with data from integrated devices such as the Withings WiFi body scale, Zeo sleep tracker and Fitbit, to inform personalized healthy action plans.

Contact: Danielle Winslow

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