“Frozen” Has Major Impact on Customer Engagement at Disney

Disney Customer Engagement For anyone who has young children, there is probably a good chance that they have seen the wildly successful animated film, “Frozen.” For Walt Disney Co., “Frozen” has had a phenomenal impact on customer engagement on a global scale.

Disney CEO Bob Iger discussed the impact of “Frozen” during the company’s Feb. 3 first-quarter financial results conference call. Disney had a record fiscal performance in the quarter.

“These results were driven by solid performance across all of our businesses and, once again, demonstrate the strength of our brands and content and a proven franchise strategy that will drive long-term value,” Iger said, according to Seeking Alpha. “And Frozen is a great example of this strategy. On March 13, along with Cinderella, we are premiering a new 7-minute short, “Frozen Fever,” bringing back all the beloved characters and voices and introducing a great new song. This time last year, we were excited about the box office success of Frozen, which went on to win the Oscar and become the highest grossing animated feature of all time. Now, a full year after its release, we are seeing the true impact of Frozen across our entire company.”

“Frozen” ranks as the highest grossing animated film of all time and the fifth highest-grossing film of all time. It earned two Academy Awards for Best Animated feature and Best Original Song (“Let It Go”).

Overall, retail toy sales in North America rose 4% in 2014.

“And according to a leading market research firm, much of the credit for that growth belongs to Frozen, which was both the biggest and fastest growing toy property of the year,” Iger added. “It’s also enormously popular in our parks and resorts. It’s showcased in a successful mobile game and it gave a significant boost to our home entertainment business for the quarter, along with Maleficent and Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. And Frozen is just one of the 11 franchises at Disney currently driving more than $1 billion each in annual retail sales. The strong holiday demand for Frozen as well as Mickey and Minnie, Spider-Man and Avengers led to the most successful quarter ever for Disney consumer products.”

Among media companies, Iger said, Disney stands out. Especially when it comes to customer engagement, customer experience, and brand loyalty.

“No one else comes close to our unparalleled collection of strong brands or our pipeline of great content,” Iger explained. “And our unprecedented ability to leverage creative success and creating value across the entire company allows us to adapt to emerging challenges, take advantage of new opportunities, and most importantly, innovate for the future.”

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