Not so long ago, brands held an enormous amount of power over consumers. Loyalty (if you could call it that) was based largely on the product offered and the scarcity of options in the sector. Thanks to this market dynamic, organizations operated under the assumption that customers would pledge their hard-earned dollars, regardless of their interactions with the company.
Those days are behind us, however, and customer loyalty has blossomed into an industry, in and of itself. Customer experience is of paramount importance in ensuring a brand’s success, and today’s consumers have been conditioned to expect nothing less than seamless, exceptional experiences, each and every time they engage with brands.
In a recent article from Frost & Sullivan, the firm details the importance of alignment in creating a customer experience that engages, acquires, and retains customers through positive interactions. A significant factor in this is cross-channel communication: The ability for a brand to engage customers not only through direct advertising, but digitally across multiple platforms and devices. Shoppers today are increasingly connected to technology, and messaging across multiple channels can make or break the brand’s customer loyalty efforts.
The article is partially based on a recent thought leadership panel, featuring brand executives discussing the importance of customer experience to the overall concepts of customer acquisition and loyalty.
“It is critically important to continue the dialogue about how to advance customer service on a digital level,” said Frost & Sullivan Digital Transformation Principal Analyst Michael DeSalles. “We get a chance here to discuss the integration of digital technologies with the goal to create exceptional customer experiences.”
Customers are no longer impressed with shiny new products and presence in the market. These days, there’s simply no substitution for a comprehensive customer experience; valuing customers, recognizing loyalty, and resolving issues seamlessly are all factors in determining which brands will find themselves ahead of the competition in the new age of customer experience.

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