Adobe has announced new artificial intelligence innovations to help brands scale their delivery of personalized experiences across channels.
The new capabilities are available through the incorporation of new AI and machine learning technology from Adobe Sensei in Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Manager in the Adobe Marketing Cloud.
The new innovations have been developed to help brands and marketers personalize AR shopping experiences, enhance voice interactions, collaborate with AI to refine customer experiences, refine recommendations with AI-powered decisioning, automate layout design, and optimize for the highest likelihood of an action.
“Personalization must be at the core of every customer experience. If it isn’t, brands risk losing customers’ loyalty and business,” says Loni Stark, Head of Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target. “Adobe has introduced AI and machine learning innovation for over a decade, and these new personalization capabilities further our mission to help companies successfully cater to customers at the individual level, no matter the screen, device, or channel.”
Customers will now be able to use Adobe Target to use voice-based content and offers for assistants such as Amazon Alexa and for personalized voice-driven customer experiences. In addition, customers will be able to tap into an experimental AI feature to change AR recommendations based on their facial expressions.
Marketers, on the other hand, will be able to choose the best way to deliver personalized recommendations across a broad spectrum of audiences with Auto-Target, a new algorithm that automatically factors customer attributes that are most predictive of desired behaviors.
“One of the challenges marketers face has been which algorithms do you use, and how do you map them to your personalization strategy. We are enabling Adobe Sensei to choose the best algorithm for them,” says Stark.
Adobe has been leaning on the enterprise side of their business to grow and increase revenue, and it is counting on AI to push that along. While the company still makes the vast majority of its revenue from its Creative Cloud software suite, it hopes that these improvements will push it towards becoming a $10 billion company.
This news comes after the unveiling of new video features for the Adobe Creative Cloud. These features are meant to speed up production timelines, enable more seamless workflows, and deliver powerful capabilities to bring creative visions to life. The updates include Adobe Sensei-powered animation, intelligent audio cleanup tools, selective color grading, advanced data-driven motion graphics templates, and end-to-end VR 180 support. These features are said to enable filmmakers and video professionals to spend more time shaping their creative projects and less time on repetitive editing tasks.
“Video professionals face short deadlines, clunky handoffs, and long lists of deliverables,” says Steve Warner, Vice president of Digital Video and Audio at Adobe. “This latest Creative Cloud release introduces new innovation and capabilities to address these challenges and make common tasks faster and easier.”

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