Despite their best efforts, most drivers will eventually need to deal with the replacement of an old or broken transmission. For these drivers, the process is wholly negative; these repairs are rarely cheap, which forces the owners to find an alternative means of transportation while their cars are being worked on. AAMCO Transmissions, however, is looking to ease the pain of these consumers through its new partnership with customer retention firm AutoPoint.
One improvement that comes as a result of the partnership—personalized messaging—gives AAMCO the ability to target individual customers in an industry that is often seen by customers as lacking in personality or individual recognition. The fact that AAMCO is now able to offer this kind of personalization gives the company a leg up on competition that may not yet offer similar engagement.
“Repeat business is the lifeblood of any retailer, and AutoPoint’s enterprise platform provides AAMCO with a highly trackable and effective means of delivering customized messages to a franchise owner’s existing customer base,” said Rob Rajkowski, COO of AAMCO Transmission, Inc. “The new CRM platform and mobile app are important tools for building lifetime customer loyalty and reaching consumers where they live, work, and play.”
The implementation of AutoPoint is particularly unique, thanks to the franchising business model utilized by the organization. Because each location operates relatively independently of one another, franchisees are able to choose whether or not to opt into the technology.
“AutoPoint was designed to fill a critical void in the automotive industry and the combination of our companies' capabilities will provide a powerful, cohesive platform to enrich existing customer relationships,” said Rich Holland, co-managing director of Solera’s North American operations. “The CRM program will not only help AAMCO’s franchise owners to manage their customer relationships, but also further help customer satisfaction and profits.”
For a vertical that almost seems doomed to negative interactions with customers, AAMCO is leveraging new CRM technologies to personalize messaging, track the customer journey, and ensure that repeat customers are recognized accordingly and treated like guests as opposed to another number in the auto service industry.

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