• Gift Cards Still the Sweet Spot

    At last count, there were 16 categories of closed loop prepaid cards, including transit, health care and government. Of all the important functions that these cards provide, it is gifting that is most popular.? The in-store gift card continues to be the darling of this market, and... Read More

  • To help marketers develop more effective loyalty strategies, Loyalty 360, a marketing think tank, has published 12 trends that it believes successful marketers will follow throughout 2012.

    1. Customer engagement is the journey, loyalty is the destination. Loyalty is a much bigger, broader, richer and ever-growing complex... Read More

  • So if you're a marketer, just selling stuff to customers is enough to sustain the growth your company, right? Wrong. It's all about customer loyalty – repeating, returning customers who continue to value your brand. While this year, marketers seem to be doing well selling stuff, on the very important factor of customer loyalty... Read More

  • Marketers are at a critical juncture because, despite reporting that retaining and engaging customers remains one of their greatest challenges, most believe that customer loyalty rather than customer acquisition is now the critical driver of sustainable business growth, according to Loyalty 360.

    To help marketers develop... Read More

  • Despite the fact that shoppers have spent more than $25 billion in online purchases this holiday season, the economy is still a factor for many merchants - both online and offline. Yes, people are spending for the holidays, but historically spending plummet in the first and second quarters of a New Year. It's the natural cycle... Read More

  • ST. PETERSBURG — Family-owned Kobie Marketing employs 76 people and expects to add at least 20 positions in the next year. Management is evaluating locations for... Read More

  • Retailers everywhere know one thing is for certain: customer loyalty is the key to any successful business model. According to Loyalty 360—The Loyalty Marketer's Association, however, businesses still struggle with winning that loyalty.

    This morning, Loyalty 360 released its "Top 12 Customer Loyalty Trends for 2012" to... Read More

  • Since the launch of S&H Green Stamps in the 1930’s, loyalty marketing has blossomed into a $4 billion industry. And while the traditional collect now/redeem later points scheme had proven effective for years, social media and new technologies have made it well within the capability of marketers to use data intelligently to build... Read More

  • While the presumption has been that satisfied customers will remain loyal, customer satisfaction can no longer be relied on as a metric to predict loyalty. Yes, customer satisfaction is a component of loyalty, but it is not the totality. For instance:

    • 40% of satisfied customers switch suppliers without... Read More

  • For most Americans, customer service conjures thoughts of an irritating maze of phone menus, call flows, and transfers, followed by scripted voices with strange accents belonging to people halfway around the world who can do little to resolve problems. That description is supported by research.

    Two-thirds of consumers (67 percent... Read More

  • “2011 may well be called the year of customer loyalty,” says Mark Johnson, CEO of Loyalty 360 – The Loyalty Marketer’s Association.  “In today’s crowded marketplace, creating loyal, engaged customers is more... Read More

  • Paperless receipts are the wave of the future. Major banks email customers ATM slips. Mobile vendors send you e-receipts to your inbox. The number of retails stores offering customers electronic invoices is exploding. Shaleighne Murphy sends e-receipts at her store, "More customers are opting to receive their receipts via email because it... Read More

  • The loyalty card may get the most attention from older consumers, but one expert believes younger buyers can be just as loyal. The key, of course, is to engage, and many Millennial consumers aren't engaged by simple cards or offers. They want more. To make the most of loyal-based marketing to younger consumers, brands need to change the... Read More

  • Marketers looking for a new way to create a dialogue between consumers and their brand may find the answer in the QR code.

    First there was the smartphone. Then there was mobile messaging, mobile coupons, mobile loyalty program apps. What's the next mobile marketing trend? It may very well be QR Codes.

    Short for "quick... Read More

  • At first glance, the marketing strategies of Coke and Pepsi — the two ubiquitous, global players that have dominated the soft drink market for decades — might appear more similar than different. Each brand deploys decidedly feel-good creative in its advertising, branding, email marketing and loyalty programs, around consistently... Read More

  • Does your loyalty program promote loyalty?

    While your initial response may very well be “of course it does”, I encourage you to give this question more thought.

    If yours is like most hotels, chances are your loyalty program focuses on the accumulation and redemption of points. Accrue points in return for free... Read More

  • Read More

  • "An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage." Though these words were uttered years ago by Jack Welch, former chairman and CEO of General Electric, they are increasingly compelling today.

    According to a recent Forrester Research study on... Read More

  • Brands need to determine how best to engage Millennials, but tapping into this market is rife with challenges, a loyalty expert is warning.  

    Millennials refers to the highly-connected, tech and marketing savvy youth. It represents a market of 76.6 million people yielding $889.3 billion in spending power... Read More

  • Paper or email? That's the new question you may be asked the next time you pay for something and the clerk offers you a receipt. Is this a convenience or a hindrance to your privacy?

    Paperless receipts are the wave of the future: Major banks email customers... Read More

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