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Target Customers Spend an Additional $2,200 a Year When They Become Shareholders

Bumped—the fintech company on a mission to create an ownership economy through fractional stock rewards—released data from their two...

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How to Measure Your Loyalty Program

To learn more about Measuring and Maximizing ROI: How to Make the Most of Your Loyalty Program, click here to register for the upcoming...



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Measuring and Maximizing ROI: How to Make the Most of Your Loyalty Program

There are 2.65 billion loyalty program memberships in the U.S., and companies spend $2 billion on loyalty programs every year. But having a loyalty...


Bumped is a tech company building one-to-one relationships between customers and the brands they love. We partner with brands to give their customers free stock for their purchases, turning loyal shoppers and spenders into shareholders. We give the everyday person access to the stock market while aligning brands with the people who matter most...