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Fashion Brands Embrace Community Marketing with Workout Classes
Apparel brand Rhone hosts community workout classes to market its products in context. “The overarching goal of these classes is to create organic relationships with our customers and community,” says Adam Bridegan, CMO of Rhone. “We actually launched a community marketing department at Rhone in early 2018 to further expand our efforts and create a platform for customers, community influencers, and like-minded individuals to wear test product and network with one another.”
What to Expect from McDonald’s Apprente Acquisition
McDonald’s has announced plans to acquire Apprente, a voice-based tech start-up. On its website, the QSR has shared its future plans for Apprente’s tech. The brand states, “The initial focus of the Silicon Valley team will be to enhance technology for use in McDonald’s Drive Thru. However, we believe that the broader voice-based technology also has the potential to reach customers when, where, and how they want through incorporation into mobile ordering or kiosks.”
JC Penney to Launch Outdoor Apparel Shops
The retailer is introducing apparel not typically associated with the brand, outdoor wear, to attract new customers. “The company also announced the launch of an in-house brand called St. John’s Bay Outdoor, which will be in 600 Penney’s stores and online beginning September 12. It will include woven shirts, jackets, vests, waterproof pants, and other gear for men transitioning from exploring the outdoors to ‘a night out in style,’ according to the company.”
California Isn’t the Only State Getting Busy with New Privacy Laws
AdExchanger has published a nice overview of state-level, upcoming privacy regulations. For instance, Nevada’s new law “gives consumers the right to prevent online service providers and website owners from selling specific types of personal information about them to third parties, including their name, address, email, phone number, and pseudonymous data, which is data that’s been anonymized but can be reidentified without a huge amount of effort.”
Facebook Tries to Get Ahead of Upcoming iPhone Privacy Changes
A software update, iOS13, will show users how often apps are accessing their data, and Facebook is attempting to communicate the value its use of location data brings to users. “As part of the iOS update, people will get notifications with information about which apps are collecting their location info in the background and how many times they’ve accessed it in a certain time period. The notifications will also show people a map with instances when their location was requested. When the notification feature rolls out on iOS13, people may start to receive numerous notifications showing them how Facebook is accessing their location info.”

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