Often, the hardest part of launching any kind of marketing initiative is simply getting it off the ground; the first few months bridging the gap between concept and reality is, as many marketers will tell you, a whirlwind of iteration and decision-making regarding every last detail of the push. This is the challenge faced by convenience store chain Yesway and its new loyalty partner as it continues preparations for its loyalty program.
In launching a dedicated loyalty program, Yesway is looking to commit to a higher level of customer retention, recognition, and analysis. The program, which will be accessible through either a physical card or a branded mobile app, eventually aims to step up engagement with loyal customers through incentives and increased personalization capabilities.
“We are seeing a major shift in how convenience stores are embracing rewards programs and the data insights they enable. Thorntons, Forward Corporation, Break Time, and now Yesway are leading the industry in their approach to convenience store loyalty strategies. The right platform coupled with a visionary one-to-one marketing strategy is delivering a solution that’s both efficient and effective with demonstrable results,” Michelle Tempesta, head of product management, Paytronix Systems, Inc., told Loyalty360. “With Paytronix’s integration to the most prolific POS systems, the brands can now leverage the individual behavior captured through their rewards program to further motivate and predict visits and spend at the pump and in the store.”
A significant part of launching a loyalty program from the ground up is choosing a provider that has both experience and a proven track record in the space. For the Yesway Rewards Program, Paytronix has been called on to provide development resources in collaboration with the growing c-store chain.
“Given that we are on a growth track at Yesway, we were looking for an experienced loyalty program partner that could keep up with us,” said Darrin Samaha, Vice President and Brand Manager, Yesway. “After a competitive and comprehensive evaluation process, we believe Paytronix is the best choice for Yesway in terms of their platform, their robust reporting and analytics capabilities, and most importantly, their people. We are excited to work with them and deliver a meaningful program for our customers.”

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