Rent the Runway, Nordstrom Team up to Boost Convenience, Attract Customers
The two brands have partnered make drop-off more convenient for customers and increase foot-traffic in Nordstrom stores. “Rent the Runway ‘drop-off boxes,’ where subscribers can quickly scan and return rented items, will be placed inside four Los Angeles-based Nordstrom stores, three of which are smaller ‘Nordstrom Local’ stores billed by the chain as ‘a convenient drop-in hub’ closer to residential areas.”
FriendShip Drives Loyalty, In-Store Visits with Paytronix Digital CX Platform
The convenience store has seen an increase in both gas sales and in-store sales, thanks to loyalty efforts. The brand “selected Paytronix to help launch a loyalty program that promoted its new brand and connections with its guests. Within a year, FriendShip reported more than 15 percent of transactions are from program members. One store, in particular, achieved 28.5 percent member transactions in less than three months after launch.”
Customer Experience
Reservations for Taco Bell’s Hotel Sell out in Two Minutes
Talk about loyal customers. The QSR’s hotel (which will only be open for a matter of days) has proven a hit. “Taco Bell has a history of connecting with its customers through off-beat experiences. Fans can get married in a Taco Bell-themed ceremony for $600 at its Las Vegas Cantina flagship location. As of May, Taco Bell has registered over 165 couples. The brand has also teamed up with fast-fashion retailer Forever 21 to sell clothes featuring its logo and imagery.”
Amazon Losing Ground with Gen Z
Amazon is widely considered to have broad selection and convenient service, but young consumers do not consider it to be the best. “Commerce agency Wunderman Thompson surveyed over 15,000 online shoppers across the US and Europe and found that 16- to 24-year-olds were least convinced that the e-commerce giant is best for customer service, returns, and brand selection, and more apt than older consumers to prefer shopping with retailers and brand websites.”
Robots Are Quickly Replacing Jobs
Robots are on track to displace 20 million manufacturing jobs in the next decade. “Robots are becoming cheaper than many human workers, in part because of the falling costs of machines. The average unit price per robot has dropped 11 percent between 2011 and 2016, according to Oxford Economics. And they are increasingly capable of functioning in more sophisticated processes and varied contexts. On top of that, the demand for manufactured goods is rising.”

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