Sling TV Partners with Pypestream to Make Customer Service Capabilities Easily Accessible

Officials at Sling TV, a leading provider of over-the-top live and on-demand television programming, are always seeking to elevate the customer experience, and have the ability to connect with new and existing customers through messaging, providing fast and accurate service.
Sling TV’s partnership with Pypestream, the market leading customer engagement platform using digital robots to automate full customer engagement, is a critical one, and Pypestream today announced the launch of its Proteus Release, the next iteration of the company’s platform.
Seth Van Sickel, Director of Operations for Sling TV, said that Pypestream will enable Sling TV to scale its personalized, on-demand customer service and maintain high service levels.
“Our goal is to make our customer service capabilities as easily accessible as our TV service,” Van Sickel explained to Loyalty360. “By implementing Pypestream, we have been able to support our customers at any time of the day, so if it’s 2:00 a.m. and a customer is looking for an overseas soccer match, they can message us via our web widget and get the right answer without any wait time. We have a number of automated CX capabilities thanks to Pypestream, including changing subscriptions, billing inquiries, account management, and channel lineup questions.”
Pypestream allows a business to leverage the “Smart Messaging” and advanced AI conversational platform to digitally transform into a full on-demand business. This represents a significant update and provides more advanced digital robotic functionality, as well as the highest levels of security. Outbound push messaging within the system allows for a more robust, automated customer experience.
Uses for Pypestream include customer care, marketing and direct promotions, and internal business-to-employee interactions. The Pypestream platform establishes a secure, cloud-based, private messaging infrastructure (known as a “Pype”) for customers. With an always-on connection, businesses and customers can stay constantly connected. This relationship is quickly becoming the new standard thanks to apps like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger.
Sling TV was an early adopter of the Pypestream technology.
“Pypestream has helped us improve the customer experience for all types of engagements with our customers, from service to retention,” Van Sickel said. “We offer 24/7 customer service and, most importantly, we are able to get them to a resolution quickly.”
What makes Pypestream technology unique?
“Pypestream was able to seamlessly integrate within our existing platforms, saving us a lot of time and resources in retraining our customer service reps,” Van Sickel said. “The most important thing for us was finding a partner who was able to grow and evolve with us as our product continues to scale. It was also important to us to be able to make updates to the system as needed, and Pypestream allows us that flexibility, so we can maintain a 24/7 customer care experience.”

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