Raley’s Engages Customers and Extends Brand Loyalty with New State-of-the-Art Store

Raley’s doesn’t ever rest on its considerable laurels of success, triggered by impactful customer engagement and burgeoning brand loyalty.

Recently, Raley’s opened a new, state-of-the-art store at Fair Oaks Boulevard & Howe Avenue in Sacramento. Located in the established Campus Commons/Arden neighborhood, the 35,000-square-foot store will offer customers an extensive assortment of fresh, high-quality food in a unique shopping experience.

Chelsea Minor, director, Public Relations & Public Affairs at Raley’s, talked to Loyalty360 about the company’s goals with the new store launch.

“At Raley’s, we have a history of providing world-class customer service,” Minor explained. “This stands true with our new store at Fair Oaks & Howe. The store includes new amenities and a group of passionate team members ready to serve our customers. This store was developed to support Raley’s vision. This store was developed with the intent to test and learn innovative sustainable techniques. We have learned a lot about new technologies and hope to implement many of these features in other new stores.”

Minor said Raley’s engaged customers early by launching the store Facebook page six weeks prior to opening.

“We also used our Something Extra platform to share the new store opening with our nearby customers and neighbors,” she added. “We want Sacramento State (nearby college) students to know that we are making healthier food affordable. Students, staff, and faculty, using their Sacramento State One Card will receive a 10 percent off their purchase. In addition, there is free Wi-Fi and seating amenities.  Our selection of fresh items, specialty beverages, and a space to study will all serve the students well.”

Raley’s is a leader in sustainability and strives to contribute to a cleaner community. Environmentally-friendly features were a primary consideration in this development. The store is equipped with solar panels that can generate two megawatts of power. The system successfully generates much of the energy needed on site, relieving pressure on the grid during peak hours. In addition, the store includes many energy efficient features including refrigeration, lighting, and more. In partnership with EVgo, the store has two fast-charging stations, which can provide up to 80 miles of electric range in 25-30 minutes.

What makes this store unique?

“Every store has its own unique characteristics tailored to the community it serves,” Minor explained. “This new store has an even greater focus on health and wellness, with a larger assortment of natural and organic offerings. In addition, there are several in-store amenities that we believe stand out: 

  • In-store nutritionist and wine steward to offer guidance in their respective fields
  • Expanded offerings of vitamins and supplements
  • Wine Shop, with more than 1,000 wine offerings
  • Refill stations for lotion, shampoo, bath salts
  • Elevated food service deli
    • Meat carving station
    • Sandwich bar
    • Gelato Bar
    • Salad and hot bar
    • Sushi bar
    • Kumbucha bar
  • Increased amenities
    • Outdoor/indoor seating with free wi-fi
    • Bicycle repair station
    • EVgo fast-charging stations
    • Outside floral merchandising
“At Raley’s, our vision is to infuse life with health and wellness and change the way the world eats, one plate at a time,” Minor said. “Our stores can be a trusted source of information for our customers to meet their personal health needs. As everyone’s food journey is a unique experience, with this new store, we wanted to serve the neighborhood, and offer a greater selection of healthier choices.”

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