Loyalty360 Reads: April 4th, 2019

Nike Ups Its Perks
The athleticwear brand has found that customers who use its app are exceptionally valuable and has increased the perks in its loyalty program to keep them coming back. “The shoemaker is testing a slew of extra perks to its Nike Plus app, including vending machines that disperse free stuff, as it finds that those users spend three times as much as other customers, according to Nike’s Global Vice President of Direct Stores, Cathy Sparks.”
Customer Experience
Study Shows that US TV Is Failing on Data-Driven Customer Engagement
A new study of major broadcasters (including everything from network TV to OTT services) indicates that “none are currently making the most of their data to more effectively engage customers and prospects, and most are near the beginning of their analytics journey.” This is in keeping with Loyalty360’s survey findings from other industries, which show that brands tend to have enough data, but they are less certain about how to act on it.
Facebook Devs Expose 540M User Records
Reports show that “hundreds of millions of Facebook user records were exposed on cloud servers and publicly visible.” The social platform has limited the number of third-party apps that have access to user data, but much that has previously been shared is beyond Facebook’s reach now.
Corporate Social Responsibility
The apparel brand told Buzzfeed News that “it has changed its policies for corporate sales clients: it will focus on selling to do-gooder B Corporations, i.e., companies with a charity element or that have committed to supporting causes like ‘community’ or ‘the environment.’ All those evil hedge funds and ‘Uber-for-X’ tech startups can go pound sand.” We’ve seen brands adopt causes, but this is a new development; a brand that refuses to do business with brands that aren’t socially conscious.
Walgreens Stock Down as It Lowers Profit Forecast for 2019
Walgreens anticipates reduced profits with the lowering of the price of prescription drugs. “Drug retailers like Walgreens and CVS Health have been squeezed by reimbursement pressure as their pharmacies receive less for filing prescriptions coupled with a steep decline in generic drug prices for several years.” The brand is looking to expand its grocery offerings, instead. It’s difficult to predict how consumers will respond to this.

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