Loyalty Reads: Circle K Launches First Free Rewards Program, 7-Eleven Redesigns Slurpee® Drink for Anything Flows™ Campaign, and More

Circle K Launches First Free Rewards Program 

Circle K is launching its first free rewards program — Inner Circle. The convenience store chain’s program allows members to save fuel and merchandise and gives them a premium membership after spending $500 at participating Circle K locations. 

The new program will be piloted in 400 locations across Florida, with plans to expand across more markets over time. The program offers initial signup perks like 25 cents off per gallon of gas and five free fountain drinks, Frosters, or coffee. Additionally, members save 3 cents per gallon at Circle K fuel locations, free food items, and surprise discounts. 


7-Eleven Redesigns Slurpee® Drink for Anything Flows™ Campaign 

7-Eleven announced a redesign of its iconic Slurpee® drink as part of the new “Anything Flows™” campaign. The new look relies on eccentric colors and eclectic vibes and was inspired by the brand’s proprietary customer research panel, “The Brainfreeze Collective™.” 

The new Slurpee® design will be featured in the “Anything Flows™” TV spots alongside a diverse cast of characters. 7-Eleven will run four ad spots for the new cup through Aug. 29, 2023. 


Dorothy Lane Market Improves Digital Operations 

Ohio-based grocery chain Dorothy Lane Market is improving its digital operations by adding new in-store technology. The brand will add SES-imagotag electronic shelf labels. 

The technology allows the store to automatically update shelf tags when price changes come through, saving labor and time while ensuring products are labeled and priced correctly. The savings result in lower costs for consumers through reducing overhead margins. 


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