Brands are searching for ways to offer consumers a truly connected experience. This kind of seamless CX often comes by way of a sophisticated mobile app; a smartphone experience that gives customers full control over nearly every aspect of the journey. Amazon is likely among the first companies to come to mind when thinking of these seamless mobile apps, but the idea has now spread to countless other verticals including, now, the automotive industry.
This is because Hyundai, a company best known for cars like the Santa Fe and Tucson, is making further strides into the app game. The launch of MyHyundai empowers Hyundai owners with bevvy of options to make their continued engagement with the brand as easy and intuitive as possible.
MyHyundai brings together features of the Blue Link and Car Care apps to allow customers to access features like vehicle diagnostics, scheduling car servicing, locking and unlocking, and the always-popular remote starter. While few of these features are new or revolutionary, the sheer convenience of having them together in one app means an overall enhanced customer experience for those who MyHyundai-enabled vehicles.
“Hyundai is constantly striving to make things better,” said Barry Ratzlaff, executive director, digital business planning and connected operations, Hyundai Motor America. “Bundling all of these great services into one app simplifies and enhances the ownership experience for our customers. The ‘There Is an App for That’ movement has caused a lot of clutter on cell phones and we hope our approach keeps that clutter down to a minimum. Look for Hyundai to continue to deliver more through this one-app solution.”
The app the latest steps in Hyundai’s drive to give customers a “one-stop shop” for everything a car owner may need. While the Korean-based manufacturer isn’t the first to use phones in the creation of a connected experience, Hyundai hopes that the consolidation of the Blue Link and Assurance Car Care apps will provide the convenience needed to bring the brand to the peak of customer loyalty.

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