Expedia Integrates ChatGPT into Mobile App

Expedia is beta testing a new travel planning experience powered by ChatGPT. The partnership integrates the AI technology into Expedia’s mobile app, improving the customer experience for travelers. 

The new functionality allows app users to start open-ended conversations within the app to get activity, travel, hotel stay, transportation rental, and other recommendations for their trips. In addition to the recommendations, the new technology will also help find savings on every aspect of the travel experience. 

 “By integrating ChatGPT into the Expedia app and combining it with our other AI-based shopping capabilities, like hotel comparison, price tracking for flights and trip collaboration tools, we can now offer travelers an even more intuitive way to build their perfect trip,” says Peter Kern, Vice Chairman and CEO of Expedia Group. 

Expedia also built a plugin for the ChatGPT site, allowing users to start travel related questions directly into the site. 


Read More from Loyalty360 on ChatGPT: 

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