AIR MILES Listens To Customers and Offers Loyalty Program Enhancements

Listening to customers will always keep you on the right path to brand loyalty.

Launched in 1992, the AIR MILES Reward Program is one of the best ways to get rewards in Canada. With more than 11 million active Collector Accounts, approximately two-thirds of all Canadian households can turn everyday purchases like gas and groceries into movie tickets, kitchen gadgets, electronics, dream vacations, and more. Unlike other frequent shopper programs, Collectors can receive Miles from hundreds of leading brand-name Partners.

After listening closely and effectively to their customers, officials at AIR MILES recently announced a series of loyalty program enhancements designed to deliver Collectors more flexibility and better service with their loyalty experience, while providing greater value for the most engaged Collectors.

Beginning April 3, AIR MILES will be introducing the following enhancements to the program:

The online merchandise rewards catalog will be fully accessible to all Collectors, while the most engaged Collectors will be able to access an enhanced tiered pricing structure.

Up to 40 percent of merchandise will be available for purchase using credit card and Dream Miles. This “Cash and Miles” feature gives Collectors the ability to attain the rewards they want even faster.

Expansion of customer service with 24/7 support on Facebook and Twitter.

Rachel MacQueen, vice president of marketing at AIR MILES, talked to Loyalty360 about the loyalty program enhancements.

“The most common request from Collectors was regarding access to our entire online merchandise rewards catalog,” MacQueen explained. “As part of the Program enhancements and in an effort to continue to offer our Collectors the best value in the Program, starting April 3, the online merchandise rewards catalog will now be available to all Collectors. We are also introducing tiered pricing for our most engaged Collectors, enabling them to get rewarded even faster. Beyond that, we also carefully listened to feedback from our Collectors, and are renewing our commitment to deliver more rewards options, improved Collector communications, and expanded customer service to them.”

MacQueen said that AIR MILES officials are constantly looking for ways to refine and improve the program to ensure that Collectors have the best possible experience.

“The more engaged Collectors are with the program, the more they get out of it,” she said. “After carefully listening to the feedback from our Collectors, we are rolling out these enhancements to help ensure we remain Canada’s favorite loyalty program. We are firmly committed to delivering more rewards options, improved Collector communications, and expanded customer service.” 

Collector feedback, MacQueen noted, is collected on a regular basis through a variety of mediums including market research, through surveys (both internal and external), focus groups, events hosted by AIR MILES associates, as well as through Customer Care (both online and on the phone).

Chirpify CEO Chris Teso weighed in on the loyalty enhancements at AIR MILES.

“As more and more consumers view their smartphone as a remote control for engaging with brands, expanding customer service with 24/7 support on Facebook and Twitter is a great start to growing social engagement with AIR MILES members,” Teso explained to Loyalty360. “And while the program does a great job encouraging interaction through user generated content, AIR MILES can take its social media initiative to a whole new level by proactively rewarding members for their social interactions. This level of engagement is becoming an integral component of other loyalty programs as people recognize the value of their time and participation with the brand and expect to be rewarded for their engagement and advocacy.”

InMoment CMO Kristi Knight told Loyalty360 that loyalty programs often struggle to balance the need to attract new participants with the desire to reward the highest value customers.

“AIR MILES is making a deliberate effort to do both, giving legacy and new members more choices and more support,” Knight added. “This is definitely a good first step.”

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