Does Your App Accept the New Consumer Currency – Data?

The W. Capra Consulting Team , W. Capra Consulting Group | August 16 2018

Consumers are offering data, a new currency, in exchange for truly exceptional experiences. Like monetary currencies, the value consumers receive for this new currency will vary, depending on where.

Higher Education using Website to Build Strong Bonds

Jim Panagas , Kentico Software LLC | August 16 2018

UW Bothell site provides key audiences with everything that they need – and then some     Universities have become a mainstay of American society. For decades, they have been.

Promotions & The Power of Gift Cards

The CashStar Team , CashStar | August 13 2018

IntroductionGift Cards are a powerful tool and an important offering for merchants to acquire new customers. However, their power extends beyond just driving new sales: they also serve an integral.

Yesway Uses Its New Loyalty Program to Drive Transactions – An Interview with Darrin Samaha, VP and.

Michelle Tempesta , Paytronix | August 10 2018

Yesway was recognized as a winner of the ‘Best Convenience Store Loyalty Launch’ in the 2018 Loyaltees. Launched in December of 2015 by Brookwood Financial Partners, LLC, a Massachusetts.

Prescriptive Analytics Vs. Artificial Intelligence

Kristian Mihali , Zylotech | August 08 2018

Analytics have grown in complexity to meet business demand. 2018 is seeing the next wave of advanced analytics – prescriptive analytics – which leverage historical data to identify what.

Does Your Dining Loyalty Program Have The Right Ingredients?

Alex Fisher , Kobie Marketing | August 07 2018

I used to fancy myself a diner, a fine diner, to be more specific. As my family has grown, my lifestyle and dining experiences have changed. I rarely have time to sit through a multi-course meal.

Customer Segmentation: The Key to Targeted Marketing

Josh Fayer , Zylotech | August 07 2018

Today’s marketing teams need to be tactical and precise to efficiently use their budget and gain the highest return on investment. This means finding the right customer to target at the right.

GDPR - Building Consents and Privacy Notices

Katerina Foretova , Kentico Software LLC | August 07 2018

Better company/customer relationships, improved customer engagement, increased company reputation... you may have heard these all are the benefits of getting GDPR-compliant consents right. And that.

The Winds of Change: Marketing in Modern Times

Bernard Chung , SAP | August 03 2018

In our day to day working lives as marketers we often don’t get a chance to rise above our busy daily schedules and tasks to really observe our customers. No doubt customers have changed.