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Running Promotions on Social Media, Legally Speaking

AMANDA WARD, Prizelogic , Prizelogic | September 17 2021

Running a sweepstakes or contest on social media is an easy way to connect with your customers in a medium they’re already frequenting. According the Pew Research Center, around seven in ten.

How to Create an Amazing Customer Referral Program?

Rani Joseph, Xoxoday , Xoxoday | September 16 2021

As marketing and sales professionals, one of your foremost goals would be to increase customers and to ensure that your existing customers stay with you. In fact, a number of businesses combine.

Buying a Car Won’t Be This Hard Forever — But It Will Be Different

Melis Unsal, Salesforce , Salesforce | September 15 2021

Supply-chain challenges, microchip shortages, and the continued threat of COVID-19 have changed the automotive industry over the last 18 months. With millennial and Gen-Z consumers .

7 Ways to Accelerate Your Approach to the Future of Work

Matt Ede, ICF Next , ICF Next | September 14 2021

I was recently asked an impossible question during a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) webcast. “What is the reputational risk of not moving to a hybrid way of working?”It.

Moving Forward: How Cinemark Continued Building Loyalty Through the Pandemic – featuring Andrew.

Jim Tierney, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | September 10 2021

This interview is part of our Moving Forward Blog Series, where we ask major brands how they’re adapting to changing consumer expectations from a loyalty perspective post-pandemic.    .

Time To Revive a Miracle With Teacher Rewards

Manoj Agarwal, Xoxoday , Xoxoday | September 09 2021

Learning is a rewarding experience. But only when teaching is, too. It’s time to engage, recognize and reward our teacher leaders so that they can transfer the spark forward - to the leaders of.

Can Foodservice Rise to Its Recent Past Success?

DAFNA GABEL, PDI , PDI | September 08 2021

Foodservice in c-stores is performing a great deal better than in the not-so-distant past. However, the category still has some ground to make up for a full recovery. All the while, according to .

4 Ways to Streamline Your Enterprise Loyalty Technology Migration

Jim Mattson, ICF Next , ICF Next | September 07 2021

Migrating a complex, enterprise-level loyalty platform can be an overwhelming, lengthy, and costly process, deterring—or at least postponing—many large travel brands from re-platforming.

Most Consumers Will Pay to Join Premium Loyalty Programs, but What About Your Existing Program?

Jim Tierney, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | September 03 2021

According to our 2021 Premium Loyalty Data Study, 76% of consumers would pay to join a premium loyalty program.  These programs are becoming more popular with .