Pega Predicts: What’s Next for Tech in 2019

Don Schuerman , Pegasystems | February 19 2019

It seemed like 2018 went by in a flash – with AI, robotics, blockchain, and data transparency dominating the conversations in technology. What’s in the cards for 2019? We’ve.

How Strong Loyalty Programs Take Fan Engagement to The Next Level

The Janrain Team, now part of Akamai , Janrain | February 18 2019

Rewards programs have long been synonymous with retailers and brand manufacturers, but over the past couple of years, entertainment and media companies have started getting in on the action. Given.

Trends Disrupting Loyalty: Individualized Loyalty

Erin Raese, Aimia , Aimia | February 15 2019

As personalization becomes more important to customers, marketers are searching for the holy grail of delivering individualized experiences to customers. Content, experiences, offers geared.

3 Ways to Get Employees to Participate in Your Wellness Program

The Hawk Incentives Team , Hawk Incentives | February 14 2019

Wellness programs are not new, nor is anyone debating their effectiveness. In fact, these programs have now become an expected benefit, which is no surprise.Healthier employees are happier, more.

Premium Loyalty? Subscription Loyalty? What Do We Call This Paid Loyalty Trend?

Brian Carl, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | February 13 2019

In recent years we have seen many brands rethink their retail strategies by using premium loyalty programs.As loyalty program benefits become more experiential-based to attract.

Electronic Payment Brings New Opportunities to Lotteries

Peter Guidi, Vice President Of Business Development at Lotto Payment Association, LLC , Lotto Payment Association | February 12 2019

Evolution in consumer payment preferences and changing legislative requirements for cash payment are bringing new opportunities to Lottery’s. Most Lottery’s still operate under &ldquo.

Twitter Awards #MVP to Planters for a Winning Digital Strategy

Jessica Kessler, Marketing Director at HelloWorld, A Merkle Company , HelloWorld, A Merkle Company | February 11 2019

As broadcast and digital channels grow closer together, Big Game advertisers are quickly adapting their campaigns to extend beyond the traditional prime-time television spot. Merkle’s sixth.

Restaurants: Embrace Data to Drive Revenue

William Jenkins, Epsilon , Epsilon | February 08 2019

For restaurant marketers, data-driven marketing is the key to growth.As technology evolves, consumer behavior and preferences are changing. An Epsilon study found that 80% of consumers want.

To Market Better, Make 2019 “The Year of Predictions”

Dr. Andy Lewis , Pegasystems | February 07 2019

My prediction for 2019 is that, for many companies, this year will be “The Year of Predictions.” Companies will discover that there is a more cost-efficient method to building &ldquo.