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The Ultimate Guide to Loyalty Management

Paul Wolfer, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | July 02 2020

Did you know that a loyalty increase of 7% can boost lifetime profits per customer by as much as 85%?It’s no wonder that loyalty management is such a hot topic among retailers today.If you.

Five XM Practices for Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

Juliana Holterhaus, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | July 01 2020

As companies across industries face unique challenges from the pandemic, there’s a common theme in their response: embrace digital. In this rapidly changing environment, just about every.

How the Public Sector is Reinventing Its Approach in a Time of Crisis

ICF Next Team , ICF Next | June 30 2020

As COVID-19 continues its path of destruction and disruption across the United States, how can agencies best serve constituents in their time of need?The COVID-19 pandemic has tested and amplified.

Building and Scaling an Effective Multi-Brand Loyalty Initiative

Ned Shugrue, Katie Berndt, and Ken Seaton, ICF Next , ICF Next | June 29 2020

How “house of brands” loyalty programs can create marketing efficiency while fostering deeper customer relationships.It’s no secret that consolidation has been the name of the game.

A Look at The New World of Marketing With Seth Godin

Ross Lambert, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | June 26 2020

What does modern marketing look like?There are few people - if any - in the world better placed to answer this question than Seth Godin. As the author of 19 best-sellers - including This is.

Travel On the Rebound: A Restart Like No Other

Bruce Lahood, ICF Next , ICF Next | June 25 2020

In an unprecedented time, the travel industry has no option but to look to the future to re-emerge.  As marketers, why do we always look to the past to inform our future, seeking out precedents.

A Lesson in Growing Brand Trust During The COVID-19 Crisis

Ross Lambert, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | June 24 2020

Keeping your existing customers engaged - let alone reaching new ones - is one of the biggest challenges facing many brands in today’s uncertain times. Traditional engagement channels.

Lessons From Crisis Managers: How to Lead a Customer Service Team in Times of Crisis

Derek Jones, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | June 19 2020

As the world faces new challenges created by an unprecedented global crisis, many businesses are waking up to the reality that business change can happen anywhere, at any time. And while.

As Seen in Adweek: As Retailers Reopen, Gen Z and Millennials Remain Cautiously Optimistic

Jordan Ben, Social Media Link , Social Media Link | June 18 2020

The following article was originally published in Adweek here The novel coronavirus pandemic has ravaged many retailers in the U.S., leaving some legacy organizations announcing.