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How Financial Services Brands can Optimise Their Rewards Programs

The Arrivia Team , Arrivia | May 27 2022

As the US begins its return to normality, many citizens have a pent up desire to travel. Financial services companies must understand that this desire is driven by leisure travellers, not business.

Kara Swisher Says You Need a Web3 Strategy — Here’s Why

Ari Bendersky, Salesforce , Salesforce | May 26 2022

Many titans of the Web 1.0 and 2.0 eras have been relegated to the dustbin of history, rendered irrelevant or knocked out altogether for failing to evolve and give consumers what they want. As we sit.

5 Incredibly Useful Ways to Deploy Your Customer Data for Better Retention and Acquisition

The Baesman Team , Baesman | May 25 2022

Are you making the most of your customer data, or are you leaving this goldmine untapped? Leveraging customer data can help you acquire more customers, reactivate inactive customers, retain customers.

State of Loyalty & Benchmarks – 2022 Regional Customer Loyalty Reports

Zsuzsa Kecsmar, Antavo , Antavo | May 24 2022

The years following the pandemic have brought digital transformation to an unprecedented level, prompting businesses all around the world to rethink how they are interacting with their customers. And.

Membership has its (Travel) Privileges

The Arrivia Team , Arrivia | May 23 2022

With global travel depressed by the COVID-19 pandemic for nearly eighteen months, demand for mainstream and niche travel options is forecast to surge this year and next. The impact of the Delta.

6 Non-Traditional Employee Benefits Your Company Should Be Offering

Iris Identity Protection Team , Iris Powered by Generali | May 18 2022

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is becoming increasingly difficult for employers to find and retain quality employees. Some employers are looking to hire prospective and keep current.

Keeping Fraud Out of the Loyalty Equation

Wanda Kauffman & Robyn Zeller, The Lacek Group , The Lacek Group | May 17 2022

Loyalty is an attribute we highly prize in our personal and professional relationships. And companies value customer loyalty through loyalty programs, which boast a long record of helping companies.

Flexa Introduces Flexa Payments For Accepting Instant Digital Currency Payments From Any App

The Flexa Team , Flexa | May 16 2022

Flexa, the world’s leading pure-digital payments network, today introduced Flexa Payments, a new set of tools for merchants to simply and instantly accept 99 different digital.

Customer Data Platforms Offer More Advanced Digital Experiences

Eric MacKenzie, ICF Next , ICF Next | May 13 2022

With evolving customer expectations of how data is collected and used, customer data platforms (CDP) are playing a key role in the future of customer experience and data management. Businesses are.