More than a Good Deal: Drive Real Customer Loyalty this Holiday Shopping Season

The Janrain Team , Janrain | December 14 2018

Some brands go into the holiday shopping season looking for a panacea for whatever issues they have encountered over the past 12 months. Stagnant annual sales figures can be revitalized and salvaged.

Personalization Versus Relevance for Today's Customer

Chuck Leddy , Zylotech | December 13 2018

Today’s customers expect marketers to relate to them for an optimal customer experience. When marketers know their customers deeply, and can anticipate their needs, mutually-beneficial bonds.

Holiday Volumes Bring Heightened Fraud Prevention Stakes

The Kount Team , Kount | December 12 2018

The holiday season brings peak transaction volumes for online retailers. Such volumes spark increased fraudulent activity and bad behavior. The difficulty of distinguishing good customers from.

How to Achieve Success with Machine Learning - A Collect, Detect, Act Approach

Mark Sucrese, Epsilon , Epsilon | December 11 2018

The industry has been talking about machine learning for years, but what’s different today is that marketers have begun to implement machine learning tools and tactics to advance their.

6 Ways to Earn Loyalty from Millennial Moms

The CrowdTwist Team , CrowdTwist | December 10 2018

Millennial moms represent approximately 1 in every 5 mothers, and accounted for almost 90 percent of the 1.5 million new mothers in 2017. This market segment is made up of nine.

What is Customer Success?

The Confirmit Team , Confirmit | December 07 2018

Customer Success can be defined as an organization’s approach to ensuring their products and/or services can deliver the right business outcomes for their customers.Why is Customer Success.

Loyalty Program Best Practices: How Differentiation Provides a Competitive Edge

Jon Siegal, Stellar Loyalty , Stellar Loyalty | December 05 2018

The loyalty marketplace is becoming more and more crowded every day. To stand out, differentiating your program is essential. Marketing guru Seth Godin once said, “In a crowded marketplace.

Making Marketing Personalization Work for You

Martin Mehalchin, Lenati , Lenati | December 05 2018

More often than we see good examples of personalization, we see the bad. There are countless examples across social media of customers experiencing companies missing the point when it comes to.

Migrating to Mobile: A First Look at the 2018 Holiday Shopping Season

Rachel MacDonald, Button , Button | December 04 2018

Another year, another Cyber Week that generated record sales for retailers. On Black Friday, online sales in the U.S. reached $6.2 billion, and they topped $7.9 billion on Cyber Monday.