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Loyalty Fraud: Q&A with Marianne Bunn, Product Owner and Business Analyst at Clutch

The Clutch Team , Clutch | August 10 2022

Loyalty fraud is the act of cheating in a loyalty program to unfairly earn points or benefits. We asked resident Machine Learning expert at Clutch, Marianne Bunn to explain how ML technology can be.

How To Create More Engaging Customer Experiences Through Print

The Baesman Team , Baesman | August 10 2022

Marketing is changing. The focus is now on talking to people on a much more personal level and on building long-term relationships. People don’t want companies to talk at them; they are looking.

5 Mistakes You DON’T Want Your Customer Loyalty Program to Make

The Group FiO Team , Group FiO | August 09 2022

In today’s crowded e-commerce landscape, having a robust, data-driven customer loyalty program is no longer a “nice to have,” it’s a MUST. And if you don’t have a.

Will AVOD eclipse the subscription model?

Manish Dubey, Tata Consultancy Services , Tata Consultancy Services | August 09 2022

In the last few years, subscription platforms with original premium content have eaten into the market share of the advertising-based video on-demand (AVOD) platform. But with subscription fatigue.

5 Best Email Marketing Practices to Boost Revenue

The Baesman Team , Baesman | August 08 2022

Email marketing is a great way to turn contacts into customers. Not just any emails will have the impact you want, though. Make sure you’re following these five best practices to make the most.

7 Loyalty Program Must-Haves to Engage Gen Z Customers

Barbara Kekes-Szabo, Antavo , Antavo | August 08 2022

There’s a new wave of shoppers on the rise — Gen Z customers. As a savvy marketer, you must learn to understand what makes this younger generation tick, and what loyalty program features.

Rethinking the Customer Journey with Zero Party Data

The Group FiO Team , Group FiO | August 05 2022

There’s a new type of data offering brands an opportunity to build trust and loyalty with consumers: zero-party data.Brands are facing a privacy and personalization paradox. Consumers want to.

How to Utilize Your CRM Data for Personalized Bank Marketing

The Baesman Team , Baesman | August 05 2022

Traditional marketing no longer cuts it in the financial services arena today. Customers increasingly want the brands they trust to interact with them in personal ways, and that includes their.

What is a CX Platform and Why is it Important?

Jordan Ben, Vesta , Vesta | August 04 2022

For just a minute, put yourself in the shoes of a customer. Think about purchases you’ve made from your favorite brands.What is it that makes you a loyal customer?There’s a good chance.