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Relearning the Customer is Key to Brand’s Success

The Kobie Marketing Team , Kobie Marketing | June 17 2021

Just when many brands thought they had customer loyalty figured out with new technology and the ability to capture data, Dave Andreadakis, Kobie’s Chief Innovation Officer, suggests there may.

Partnership Marketing: Driving Growth and Expanding Loyalty

Amy Farsht, The Lacek Group , The Lacek Group | June 17 2021

Brand partnerships are often framed as business opportunities or a way to solve a pain point in the customer journey. Both are true.But partnerships also provide powerful value that drives both.

Part 2 - So, How Do You Design a Customer Value Management Program?

The Evolving Systems Team , Evolving Systems | June 16 2021

With the nature of the program settled (read the first blog in this series, here), what about program characteristics, specifically those beyond the standard transactional and emotional engagement.

The 9 Mobile Tools for Excellent Digital Customer Experiences

Heidi Robbins, Salesforce , Salesforce | June 16 2021

Research shows 72% of all ecommerce transactions are expected to come from mobile this year. While this is a significant number, is it really that much of a surprise given how.

Consumer Recovery Report: Consumers Confront Financial Uncertainty

John Boyle, James Dayton, Ned Shugrue, and Rachel Kinder, ICF Next , ICF Next | June 15 2021

In the latest version of our COVID-19 Monitor Survey, U.S. consumers report how the pandemic has impacted their personal finances and financial behaviors.Editor’s Note (5/25/2021): This.

What Consumer Trends are Impacting Today’s In-Store Retail Experience?

Josie Gaeckle, SMG , SMG | June 15 2021

As more consumers begin to make in-store visits again, retailers must continue to focus on health + safety measures to ensure customers feel comfortable with their experience. To get a better.

Part 1 - So, How Do You Design a Customer Value Management Program?

The Evolving Systems Team , Evolving Systems | June 14 2021

If you’re on our website and reading this blog, the chances are that either now or at one time or another in the past, you’ve been faced with the task of designing an effective Customer.

5 Ecommerce Trends To Leverage in 2021

Chris Arey, Bizrate , Synapse/Bizrate | June 14 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic completely changed the way people carry out normal life and more specifically the way that they shop.By the end of the first quarter of 2020, the ecommerce market experienced 10.

How the Speed of Loyalty Program Benefits Impacts Your Bottom Line

Jim Tierney, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | June 11 2021

When your brand launches or revamps a loyalty program, you hope it will be attractive to consumers and elevate their engagement and spending frequency.The main attraction of any loyalty program is.