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Non-Transactional Engagements

Kobie Marketing Team , Kobie Marketing | January 18 2022

Over the last year, loyalty members have changed – they have new habits, new expectations, and new needs. For brands, relearning who their member is, and how they want to engage with a program.

Black Friday 2021 Insights Every Retailer Should Know

Samuel Northrup, Bizrate , Synapse/Bizrate | January 18 2022

Even with global supply chain issues expected to continue into the new year, Adobe Analytics forecasts online holiday sales will top $200 billion for the first time, including $9.5 billion in.

Applying Lean Manufacturing Principles to Accelerate New Hire Time to Value

Geoff Wagner, ICF Next , ICF Next | January 17 2022

Virtual onboarding can be challenging but applying lean manufacturing principles can accelerate the ability of new hires to provide substantial value.  The pandemic has changed employee.

Signals21 Week 5 Recap: Forget the Vanity Metrics, Customer Lifetime Value is What Moves The Needle

Danny O'Reilly, Cheetah Digital , Cheetah Digital | January 17 2022

At Cheetah we’re committed to helping enterprise marketers keep their customers engaged, retained, and loyal in a world full of infinite choice. This week we sat down with leading brands to.

Loneliness Is Bad for Business – How to Make Employees Feel More Together

Ari Bendersky, Salesforce , Salesforce | January 14 2022

Loneliness and isolation have become growing workplace concerns as more people work remotely for at least part of the week. Thirty-six percent of Americans report feeling serious.

Stepping Up: Tech and Sustainability

Ariane Bucaille and Rafi Addlestone, Deloitte , Deloitte | January 14 2022

Sustainability has been increasingly top of mind for many organizations across all industries. Companies the world over have made commitments to meet decarbonization goals and are looking inward.

Emotional Loyalty: When a Brand Makes You Feel the Feels

The Cheetah Digital Team , Cheetah Digital | January 13 2022

Upon the launch of the Vans Family loyalty program, it was an immediate hit. They asked their members, known as their “family,” to share photos and memories of their very first pair of.

Top 10 Strategic Customer Segments

Kate Atty, Clutch , Clutch | January 13 2022

Establishing a set of customer segments is the first step to strategic, impactful marketing. Beyond personalization, segments can be used to manage churn, increase margin, optimize engagement, and.

PrizeLogic + Clarus Commerce: The Future is Engagement Marketing

RYAN LAMIRAND, Prizelogic , Prizelogic | January 13 2022

Earning customer loyalty is harder than ever because consumers have more options, are trying new brands, accessing more channels, using more devices and have quickly evolving shopping habits. To be.