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Mission: Loyalty — The Secret Behind Experiential Rewards

Jessica Mizerak, Antavo , Antavo | March 28 2023

If you ask a person about the most cherished memory they had as a loyalty program member, it’s unlikely that they would say “It’s that time I got that $10 coupon”. That&rsquo.

5 Common Direct Mail Mistakes To Avoid

The Baesman Team , Baesman | March 27 2023

Direct mail is a great way to get people's attention, and you only have about 8 seconds to make that happen. In those few seconds, your prospects need to be able to understand what you.

Top 10 Signs Your Loyalty Program Needs a Refresh

The Lacek Group Team , The Lacek Group | March 24 2023

Does your customer loyalty program achieve its intended objectives?If you had to think twice about your response, it’s probably time to make improvements.Customer loyalty best practices.

How to Achieve Your Brand Goals Using Your Loyalty Program

Cara Panosian, Brandmovers , Brandmovers | March 23 2023

Every business should have a set list of brand goals that they set to try and achieve. Brand goals not only give your business something tangible and measurable to work towards; they can also be.

Marketers Say: Owned Channels + Loyalty Will Help Them Through The Recession

Trent Lanning, Cheetah Digital by Marigold , Cheetah Digital | March 22 2023

With talks of inflation at the forefront of many marketing discussions, Marigold fielded a recession-themed survey aimed at a small group of highly-engaged marketers. Budget concerns dominate the.

How to Choose the Right Loyalty Platform for Your Business

The Baesman Team , Baesman | March 21 2023

You’ve put extensive thought, research, and dollars into your customer loyalty strategies. Now it’s time to execute your ideas. Ready to waste all that effort by choosing a crummy loyalty.

Finding Your Brand Soulmate

Amy Farsht, The Lacek Group , The Lacek Group | March 20 2023

Secrets to identifying, courting, and achieving success with “the one.” Brands understand the value of a great partnership, but finding one that expands reach and drives sales and.

How The Lottery Industry Can Drive More Player Engagement

Cara Panosian, Brandmovers , Brandmovers | March 17 2023

When you play the lottery it drives the feeling of excitement and opportunity which inevitably keeps you coming back. That emotional rush of enjoyment and excitement plays a key role in how the.

Use Gamification Progress Bars to Drive Customer Engagement

The Comarch Team , Comarch | March 16 2023

Games mean fun, and who doesn’t like having fun? The allure of rewards, the urge to compete, and the fear of missing out are factors that make gamification a popular choice.