Personalized Email Marketing: 5 Keys To Success

Kara Trivunovic , Epsilon | July 16 2019

Personalization is the holy grail of marketing. Customers expect nothing less than personal, purposeful brand experiences with every interaction. In fact, 80 percent of people are more.

Three Things D2C Brands Need to Do to Stand Out on Amazon Prime Day, and Every Day

Raj Nijjer, VP of Marketing , Yotpo | July 16 2019

Yotpo recently surveyed 2000 consumers about their shopping plans for Amazon Prime Day and found that while 71.05 percent view Amazon as a destination to buy fashion online, only 40.89 percent of.

Driving innovation through Co-Creation

Fred Faulkner , ICF Next | July 15 2019

Imagine…Today’s the big day: the day your agency partner presents ideas and solutions to your brand. After a thorough process of finding this agency, you challenged them to meet the.

Personalization is Essential For Improving Customer Loyalty

Walter Lamb , Loyalty Methods | July 12 2019

Personalization is one of the most essential elements of a successful customer loyalty program for several reasons. The primary goal of most loyalty programs is to incentivize customer behavior in.

3 Ways to Make the Most of First-Party Data

Keith Lifschin , Cheetah Digital | July 11 2019

Whether you reach customers through email, in-app, social media, or via remarketing, data is your ticket to ensure they stay engaged. And first-party data, which comes directly from the very.

5 Ways To Give Loyalty A Lift

Formation Team , Formation | July 10 2019

Loyalty programs should be one of the cornerstones of any effective marketing strategy. Accenture found that “members of loyalty programs generate between 12 and 18 percent [higher.

3 Mistakes That Can Undermine Your Personalization Strategy

HTK Team , HTK Limited | July 09 2019

There’s lots of renewed talk around “personalization”, largely fuelled by the rise of customer data platforms, artificial intelligence and smart automation.Particularly in consumer.

The Future of Digital Marketing: What Digital Agencies Can't Afford to Miss

Yvette Hastings , Kentico Software LLC | July 08 2019

While you may have built relationships with existing clients; a lack of understanding in the rapidly evolving digital landscape will be sure to drive net new leads to the nearest competition. Don.

Modulating Cognitive Dissonance to Enhance Loyalty

Bill Stewart, Kobie Marketing , Kobie Marketing | July 05 2019

You might not know it but you have probably already experienced cognitive dissonance multiple times today. Buying coffee. Watching an ad on TV or online. Passing a billboard on the way to work.