Understand and Manage Loyalty Points Liability

The Aimia Team , Aimia | October 18 2018

Loyalty continues to be the number one strategy used by brands for retaining customers and lifting behavior. Aimia’s own clients see on average a 7x+ ROI and increased engagement among members,.

Retail Trends: Machine Learning and Augmented Reality

The Aimia Team , Aimia | October 16 2018

In the future of retail, where technology will be an enabler of convenience and experience, the possibilities are endless for creative marketers to stand above and apart from competing brands. When.

October 10th To Be Designated As “Reward Points Day”

The Maritz Loyalty Team , Maritz Loyalty | October 10 2018

American consumers leave millions of unused points on the table every year, meaning some households are losing out on hundreds of dollars in value. That’s not surprising, as according to a 2017.

4 Reasons Why CMOs Should Invest in Voice Marketing

Guillaume Privat, PullString , PullString | October 05 2018

This post originally appeared on the PullString blog.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last twelve months, you’ve heard about voice assistants.  They go by.

The Next Phase for Grocery Store Loyalty Programs

| October 05 2018

It’s impossible to dispute the effect that merchandising giants like Walmart and Amazon have had on the retail industry, and now with the launch of Amazon Go, Amazon’s very own.

Adolescent Intelligence: Why AI and My Teenager Have A Lot In Common

Claire Sporton, Confirmit , Confirmit | October 04 2018

As 2018 whirrs into life, we continue to be bombarded by stories of robots. They’re going to make everything wonderful! They’re going to make everything terrible! Everything is changing.

Gift and Rewards Programs Boost Revenue Far Beyond the Holiday Season

The Xenial Team , Xenial | October 03 2018

For restaurants and retailers, gift cards and rewards programs offer a subtle yet powerful way to boost revenues.   Customers like gift and rewards programs, According to Wallethub.com, in.

How Relevance is Changing the Marketer’s Role

Christina Tramontozzi, Zylotech , Zylotech | October 01 2018

As marketer’s accountability to their business organization continues to broaden with the evolution of  marketing / sales unification (think smarketing), their understanding of the.

Customer Identity Management Drives Loyalty Program Success

The Janrain Team , Janrain | October 01 2018

When done right, a rewards program can establish strong connections with customers, cultivate brand loyalty and even drive sales. A 2017 MIT Sloan Management Review study revealed that companies with.