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Webinar with Loyalty 360: Future-Proofing Customer Loyalty

The Formation Team , Formation | September 17 2020

Like it or not, customer loyalty is changingDue to heavy investment in the customer experience by a handful of market leaders, consumers have increasingly raised their expectations of brands over the.

Three Impacts of COVID-19 on Capital Markets

Tony Warren | SVP and Head of Strategy, FIS Capital Markets , FIS Global | September 16 2020

  From health alarms to adjusting to working from home to greater social awareness, we’re all seeing the impact of COVID-19 in both subtle and stark ways. Similarly, the way the world.

Do Premium Loyalty Members Shop With You More?

Jim Tierney, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | September 15 2020

As a retailer, you want high customer retention rates and loyal customers who shop regularly.And your customers want your brand to recognize them in a personalized way. They want to feel a sense of.

Why The Time For Digital Transformation is Now

Yvette Hastings, Kentico , Kentico Software LLC | September 14 2020

Digital transformation goes hand in hand with a change in a company's thinking, culture, and leadership. It's about welcoming innovation and embracing technology, new business models, and.

Sparking Action to Change Behavior: The Power of Influencers

Vickie Gogo, ICF Next , ICF Next | September 11 2020

To inspire Americans to help “flatten the curve,” public health officials can find support in surprising places.Changing behavior is not easy. ICF Next’s social marketing team.

Rapid Response: 4 Lessons C-Stores Taught Us About Creating Differentiated Customer Experiences

Greg Phillips, PDI , PDI | September 08 2020

From the way we get our hair cut to the way we shop to the way companies do business, COVID-19 has forced everyone to change the way they operate, including convenience retailers. In this video.

The Importance of Understanding the Data—and What it May (or May Not) Be Telling Us

ICF Next Team , ICF Next | September 04 2020

Using data is a great way to tell a story. Be careful it doesn’t tell the wrong one.In today’s world, data has become a critical component of our professional and personal daily lives. It.

Quiz: Discover Your Company’s Personalization Score

The Formation Team , Formation | September 03 2020

Today’s consumers are fiercely loyal to their favorite brands, but the competition for that loyalty is just as fierce. In our recent survey of 2,000 U.S. consumers, we found that over half.

A New Era of Retail: 5 Ways Brands Are Changing Strategies in Response to COVID-19

Becca Gomby, Forter , Forter | September 02 2020

Online e-commerce has become a mainstream part of life amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Every retailer has had to quickly adapt their business approach to find creative ways to meet the unforeseen.