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The 9 Premium Loyalty Stats That Every Retailer Needs to Know

Paul Wolfer , Clarus Commerce | October 16 2019

Premium loyalty isn’t a new concept.People have been paying to be members of Amazon Prime since 2005.But as consumers gain more access to more information and more choices on where to spend.

On their Terms: Shifting Sales Tactics for Millennial B2B Tech Buyers

Antje Helfrich, Lenati , Lenati | October 15 2019

The classic stereotypes of B2B tech buyers no longer hold true. They are more likely to arrive tattooed and in sneakers and jeans than a suit and tie, and like the consumers they are outside of work,.

How retail brands are getting the customer experience right

Catherine Thurtle , Qualtrics | October 14 2019

Danielle Lumetta, Retail Consulting Manager at Accenture, has advised some of the world’s biggest retail brands. In our latest CX Visionaries profile, we spoke to her about brands excelling.

Six steps to launching a new loyalty program

Guy Cierzan , ICF Next | October 11 2019

Launching a loyalty program is hard. Launching a program when all of your competitors already have one is harder.Loyalty is a well-established marketing discipline that has saturated almost every.

How Coach, JustFab and Walgreens personalize marketing on a 1:You level

Kristi Roehr , Epsilon | October 10 2019

Retail is one of the more advanced industries when it comes to personalization, with almost every retailer offering some degree of personalization to enhance the customer journey. Gone are the.

Purposeful Moments: Start Your CX Journey in the Here and Now

Kay Van Slooten, Bond Brand Loyalty , Bond Brand Loyalty | October 09 2019

Customer experience (CX) has become a critical focus area for businesses seeking to connect with their customers in meaningful ways and differentiate themselves from their competitors. So popular is.

5 Ways to Improve Your Customer Relationships

The cxLoyalty Team , cxLoyalty | October 08 2019

Strong customer relationships are critical to the success of your company, helping to build brand advocates that drive more revenue and, if needed, help weather a crisis. There’s no single.

5 Behavioral Science Principles You Can Use Everyday

Chris Dornfeld , Maritz Motivation | October 07 2019

Creating a great culture starts with collecting all the underlying whys.Every HR professional knows the type of culture they’d like for their organization, and how they’d like their.

How Personalization Helps Airlines Make Better Connections

Elaine Fearnley, Pega , Pegasystems | October 04 2019

The airline industry is setting travel records, flying more than 4.3 billion passengers in 2018. All of this jet-setting has boosted passenger revenues industry-wide to more than $560.