How to Make a Loyalty Program Successful

The Bumped Team , Bumped | August 16 2019

How do the successful loyalty programs work?Every year, companies spend billions on rewards programs. But from points to promotions to coupons, are they really successful?There are so many programs.

The True Value of a Loyal Customer

The IC Group Team , IC Group | August 15 2019

We talk a lot about customer loyalty here at IC Group; how to build it and how to keep it. Customer loyalty is undoubtedly a necessary part of any business’ success, but what is the true value.

Dig Into Customer Engagement With These KPIs

The Cheetah Digital Team , Cheetah Digital | August 14 2019

Marketers know measurement matters. Performance data informs our strategies and campaigns, and we’re constantly on the lookout for the next clever idea or initiative to deliver on those KPIs.

How to Tell Good Data from Bad

Peter Daisyme, Oracle , Oracle | August 13 2019

Marketers waste too much time chasing and interpreting bad data. When you base your strategies and campaigns on faulty information, you not only waste your time and money, but risk sending mixed.

How to Turn Behavioural Insights into Marketing Practise

Daniel Gold, House of Kaizen , House of Kaizen | August 12 2019

Behavioural economics has become an important discipline for brand owners eager to understand why their consumers sometimes make irrational decisions that run counter to economic model predictions.

Why Millennials Are Attracted to Premium Loyalty Programs

Danielle Perez, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | August 09 2019

Did you know that 80% of millennials would be willing to join a premium loyalty program if their favorite retailers offered them and the benefits were valuable?And 68% of non-millennials would join a.

Tech-driven Innovations from Other Sectors that Travel Brands Need to Steal

Mike Stone, Airship , Airship | August 08 2019

Smartphones have already radically changed travel marketing. With AT&T soon rolling out 5G in about a dozen US cities, this long-anticipated technology is becoming a reality and will further.

Subscription Models Can Inspire Innovation in Stagnant Industries

Featuring Matt Cronin, Founding Partner , House of Kaizen | August 07 2019

Innovation has taken on renewed importance for many businesses. In fact, McKinsey & Company found that more than 70 percent of senior executives expect innovation to be a top driver of.

The New Frontier of Premium Loyalty Programs

The Cheetah Digital Team , Cheetah Digital | August 06 2019

Just as consumers and businesses successfully wrap their arms (and marketing strategies) around loyalty programs, many brands and marketers have turned the system on its head with the rise of.