The secret to a relaxing summer? Plan for Christmas now!

, HelloWorld, A Merkle Company | August 05 2019

Strategize for these four holidays today   With the sunshine of summer finally upon us it seems silly to focus on the colder months ahead, but marketers know that future success depends on.


Dig Into Customer Engagement With These KPIs

The Cheetah Digital Team , Cheetah Digital | August 14 2019

Marketers know measurement matters. Performance data informs our strategies and campaigns, and we’re constantly on the lookout for the next clever idea or initiative to deliver on those KPIs.


Emotional Loyalty in 2019

The Annex Cloud Team , Annex Cloud | January 23 2019

The traditional model of customer loyalty focuses around the idea of offering incentives in exchange for loyalty points or products. However, this transactional model overlooks those who aren’t.


How to Turn Behavioural Insights into Marketing Practise

Daniel Gold, House of Kaizen , House of Kaizen | August 12 2019

Behavioural economics has become an important discipline for brand owners eager to understand why their consumers sometimes make irrational decisions that run counter to economic model predictions.


The True Value of a Loyal Customer

The IC Group Team , IC Group | August 15 2019

We talk a lot about customer loyalty here at IC Group; how to build it and how to keep it. Customer loyalty is undoubtedly a necessary part of any business’ success, but what is the true value.


Premium Loyalty? Subscription Loyalty? What Do We Call This Paid Loyalty Trend?

Brian Carl, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | February 13 2019

In recent years we have seen many brands rethink their retail strategies by using premium loyalty programs.As loyalty program benefits become more experiential-based to attract.


Why Millennials Are Attracted to Premium Loyalty Programs

Danielle Perez, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | August 09 2019

Did you know that 80% of millennials would be willing to join a premium loyalty program if their favorite retailers offered them and the benefits were valuable?And 68% of non-millennials would join a.


Mind the GAAP- Part 1: New Rules in Loyalty Liability & Revenue Recognition

Randy Hernandez, Brierley+Partners , Brierley+Partners | January 11 2019

Part 1: New Rules in Loyalty Liability & Revenue RecognitionAccounting rarely makes any marketer’s Top 10 list for enthralling must-reads, but if you have a loyalty program, or are.


How to Make a Loyalty Program Successful

The Bumped Team , Bumped | August 16 2019

How do the successful loyalty programs work?Every year, companies spend billions on rewards programs. But from points to promotions to coupons, are they really successful?There are so many programs.