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The Ultimate Guide to Loyalty Management

Paul Wolfer, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | July 02 2020

Did you know that a loyalty increase of 7% can boost lifetime profits per customer by as much as 85%?It’s no wonder that loyalty management is such a hot topic among retailers today.If you.


Five XM Practices for Accelerating Your Digital Transformation

Juliana Holterhaus, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | July 01 2020

As companies across industries face unique challenges from the pandemic, there’s a common theme in their response: embrace digital. In this rapidly changing environment, just about every.


How the Public Sector is Reinventing Its Approach in a Time of Crisis

ICF Next Team , ICF Next | June 30 2020

As COVID-19 continues its path of destruction and disruption across the United States, how can agencies best serve constituents in their time of need?The COVID-19 pandemic has tested and amplified.


A Look at The New World of Marketing With Seth Godin

Ross Lambert, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | June 26 2020

What does modern marketing look like?There are few people - if any - in the world better placed to answer this question than Seth Godin. As the author of 19 best-sellers - including This is.


Why AMC Theatres’ Loyalty Program is Getting Two Thumbs Up

Jim Tierney, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | July 08 2020

The recipe for loyalty success seems simple enough: Identify customer pain points and address them in a way that makes their lives better.AMC is a brand that executes against this method extremely.


Podcast: Delivering Impactful Virtual Events in The ‘New Normal’

Clay Warren, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | July 07 2020

Steve Gustavson, Chief Creative Director from Adobe shares insights from how Adobe transformed their 20,000 in-person marketing summit in Las Vegas to a 100% virtual event and how brands can prepare.


Building and Scaling an Effective Multi-Brand Loyalty Initiative

Ned Shugrue, Katie Berndt, and Ken Seaton, ICF Next , ICF Next | June 29 2020

How “house of brands” loyalty programs can create marketing efficiency while fostering deeper customer relationships.It’s no secret that consolidation has been the name of the game.


A Lesson in Growing Brand Trust During The COVID-19 Crisis

Ross Lambert, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | June 24 2020

Keeping your existing customers engaged - let alone reaching new ones - is one of the biggest challenges facing many brands in today’s uncertain times. Traditional engagement channels.


Customers Frustrated with Brands that Fail to Personalize

Loyalty 360 ,The Clutch Team , Clutch | February 04 2016

As your customers get increasing sophisticated in their shopping behaviors, their expectations in receiving personalized experiences from your brand are increasing exponentially. According to an .