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Customers Frustrated with Brands that Fail to Personalize

Loyalty 360 ,The Clutch Team , Clutch | February 04 2016

As your customers get increasing sophisticated in their shopping behaviors, their expectations in receiving personalized experiences from your brand are increasing exponentially. According to an .


Can Promotions Drive Increased CPG Sales?

Bill Bodnar, PDI , PDI | June 16 2020

Even though some states are reopening, many consumers are still taking a wait and see approach to getting on with life as we used to know it. Shopping habits have likely been changed forever.


When Supporting Customers Means Better Business

Ben Rogers, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | June 17 2020

How much do you feel supported during the crisis? That’s the customer data every company needs during the crisis, but very few have. With its own customers feeling pressure, and with.


Game On -- Leveraging Leaderboards & Badges for Loyalty Engagement

, BRIERLEY | June 12 2020

Flashback to 1978. A group of friends gathered around a Space Invaders machine, accidentally spilling Pepsi on the floor due to excitement.Their buddy is about to get those last few points that will.


New Study Shows Consumers’ Online and In-Person Plans as the U.S. Heads Back to Business

Bruce Temkin, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | June 15 2020

Originally published on Forbes.As many parts of the U.S. loosen their COVID-19 restrictions, many businesses are heading into the Explore phase, the first of three phases of recovery .


Conscientious Collaboration: An Industry Poised for Change

The ICF Next Team , ICF Next | June 08 2020

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the travel and tourism industry faces an unprecedented crisis. Like any unforeseen situation, the challenge is not the circumstance itself, but how brands navigate their.


As Seen in Adweek: As Retailers Reopen, Gen Z and Millennials Remain Cautiously Optimistic

Jordan Ben, Social Media Link , Social Media Link | June 18 2020

The following article was originally published in Adweek here The novel coronavirus pandemic has ravaged many retailers in the U.S., leaving some legacy organizations announcing.


A Look at The New World of Marketing With Seth Godin

Ross Lambert, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | June 26 2020

What does modern marketing look like?There are few people - if any - in the world better placed to answer this question than Seth Godin. As the author of 19 best-sellers - including This is.


A Lesson in Growing Brand Trust During The COVID-19 Crisis

Ross Lambert, Qualtrics , Qualtrics | June 24 2020

Keeping your existing customers engaged - let alone reaching new ones - is one of the biggest challenges facing many brands in today’s uncertain times. Traditional engagement channels.