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#Blurredlines: Are Some Of The World’s Biggest Brands Turning Into Technology Companies?

Bernard Chung ,Reuven Gorsht , SAP | October 21 2013

With no pun intended for this summer’s hit song by Robin Thicke, the lines between some traditional companies and technology companies as we know them, are blurring at a rapid pace.Some brands.


Using Voice To Amplify Your Brand Experience

J. Autumn Nelson, Copy Director at HelloWorld, a Merkle Company , HelloWorld, A Merkle Company | September 19 2019

The Voice Revolution is here. Welcome to the modern world where custom skills perform pretty much anything – from turning the lights on, to playing soft lullabies, and everything in between.


Mind the GAAP- Part 1: New Rules in Loyalty Liability & Revenue Recognition

Randy Hernandez, Brierley+Partners , Brierley+Partners | January 11 2019

Part 1: New Rules in Loyalty Liability & Revenue RecognitionAccounting rarely makes any marketer’s Top 10 list for enthralling must-reads, but if you have a loyalty program, or are.


Maximizing Enrollments: Easy as 1,2,3

Randy Hernandez, Brierley+Partners , Brierley+Partners | September 17 2019

It’s widely known that consumers have lots of brand relationships.  It’s been estimated that US consumers have over 3.8 billion loyalty memberships1. Radicati projects worldwide.


Do New Members Like Your Rewards Program?

Andrew Lanciani, Brierley+Partners | September 24 2019

Healthy programs should be constantly generating an influx of new members, and the early stages of their membership is an ideal time to gather feedback from your new members through a new member.


Customers Frustrated with Brands that Fail to Personalize

Loyalty 360 ,The Clutch Team , Clutch | February 04 2016

As your customers get increasing sophisticated in their shopping behaviors, their expectations in receiving personalized experiences from your brand are increasing exponentially. According to an .


Enlightened Data Collection: Thinking out of the form field box

Dave Hoffman, Creative Director , Prizelogic | October 02 2019

As a copywriter, I was conditioned to consider the consumer’s attention span, or lack thereof, and try to make every interaction with a brand worthwhile. Ensuring that value exchange is the.


3 Megatrends Creating the Rise in Premium Loyalty

Brian Carl, Clarus Commerce , Clarus Commerce | September 18 2019

Premium loyalty programs aren’t new.In fact, Amazon Prime is the best known premium loyalty program and it was released in 2005.If that’s the case, why are we hearing so much about it.


Why isn't loyalty trendy?

The cxLoyalty Team , cxLoyalty | September 26 2019

Digital transformation. Customer experience. Artificial intelligence. Now those are trendy marketing buzzwords. With each hot topic, latest analyst report, most recent business magazine article, or.