Mattel Launches Peer-to-Peer Marketplace of Virtual Collectibles

Mattel Inc. announced a new feature for its Mattel Creations Virtual Collectibles Platform that will introduce a peer-to-peer marketplace. The new marketplace will allow Mattel virtual collectibles owners to display, trade, or sell their assets. 

Mattel partnered with Rarible — a leading blue-chip virtual collectibles company — and Magic — a leading wallet-as-a-service provider — to build the P2P marketplace and make the onboarding experience secure and seamless. Additionally, Mattel relied on long-term blockchain partner Flow — who helped develop the Mattel Creations Virtual Collectibles Platform — to help integrate the new feature into the existing platform. 

“When we first set out to launch our own Virtual Collectibles Platform, we did so with the intention of creating an unrivaled, best-in-class experience for the fans of Mattel's iconic brands,” says Ron Friedman, Vice President at Mattel Future Lab. “In adding a marketplace feature to our easy-to-navigate platform that enables users to sell and trade their virtual collectibles, we’ve taken another step toward realizing that vision. Especially as we unveil Series 5 of the Hot Wheels NFT Garage, we can’t wait for fans and collectors of all ages to experience the updated platform.” 

Alongside the new feature, Mattel will launch its Series 5 of the Hot Wheels® NFT Garage. The digital assets are designed by the same team who makes the die-cast Hot Wheels cars and will feature some of the brand’s most popular car designs. 


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