Macy’s has enhanced its loyalty program, now allowing Star Rewards members to earn points on all purchases, no matter how those customers pay. This updated version of the program also lets members use rewards on all products (including top brands) – aside from gift cards, services, and fees.
Macy’s cardholders automatically are enrolled in Star Rewards, with their level (Platinum, Gold, or Silver) based on annual spend. The retailer says customers who don’t have a Macy’s card can enroll in the program in store, online, or via Macy’s mobile app. Those members will be entered into the Bronze level, which is free to join.
“With nearly 30 million members and growing, Macy’s Star Rewards program has been a huge hit,” Rich Lennox, Macy’s chief customer officer, said in a company release. “We hugged our best customers with the relaunch in October 2017 and then expanded it in 2018 to all customers. We have seen strong results and received positive customer feedback. With this next phase of the program, all customers will earn rewards on everything they buy (except gift cards, services and fees) and can redeem on anything they choose. In the simplest terms, it’s how we love our customers back.”
Benefits for Star Rewards members include Star Money Bonus days, savings offers, access to exclusive events, and a birthday surprise. Macy’s says Star Money Bonus Days provide members the opportunity to “earn bonus points toward Star Money even faster.”
Macy’s is giving away 5 million points, with 50 members receiving 100,000 points ($1,000 in Star Money) each. Star Rewards members can enter through the Macy’s mobile app through Feb. 23.
Star Rewards membership levels break down as follows:
Bronze – Customers will receive one percent back in rewards
Silver – Customers who spend up to $499 annually at Macy’s with their Macy’s credit card will receive two percent back in rewards and 25 percent off any day they choose with Star Pass coupons.
Gold – Customers with annual spend of $500-$1,199 at Macy’s on a Macy’s credit card will receive three percent back in rewards, plus 25 percent off any day they choose with Star Pass coupons and free shipping on Macy’s purchases when they use a Macy’s credit card.
Platinum – Customers with $1,200 or more annual spend at Macy’s on a Macy’s credit card will receive five percent back in rewards and 25 percent off any day they choose with Star Pass coupons, as well as free shipping on Macy’s purchases when they use a Macy’s credit card.
Last week Macy’s announced a three-year strategy “to stabilize profitability and position the company for growth.” That plan includes the closing of approximately 125 stores, the shutting down of major offices in Cincinnati and San Francisco – as well as the launch of this next version of the brand’s loyalty program.
In the press release distributed last week, Macy’s stated: “The company is focusing on building customer lifetime value, accelerating personalization and monetization programs and expanding its loyalty program. This includes the launch of the next phase of its already successful Macy’s Star Rewards Loyalty program later this month. Loyalty 3.0 is expected to increase the engagement of occasional Macy’s customers and to bring new customers into the brand.”
This comes after Macy’s unveiled its relaunch of the loyalty program in the fall of 2017. Loyalty360 CEO Mark Johnson weighed in on the loyalty program at that time. Hoping to compete with ultra-convenient ecommerce and deliver a better in-store experience, Macy’s launched STORY in April of last year. A narrative-driven retail concept shop, STORY hoped to bring to life an editorial approach to retail in 36 Macy’s stores nationwide.
Now that the latest updated loyalty program is available to customers, we at Loyalty360 are eager to monitor its effectiveness and see if it brings the intended results for Macy’s.
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