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REI Doubles Down on Rentals and Used Gear Sales
In a play to attract millennial consumers, the outdoor retailer REI is expanding its rentals and used gear sales. “While REI, known for its co-op membership model, has historically hosted in-store ‘garage’ sales a few times a year to resell gently used products that customers have returned, the new initiative is taking that up several notches, with used product sales now being held year-round both in stores and online.”
Data-driven Marketing Drives Foot Traffic
Despite the rise of e-commerce, most sales still occur in physical stores. That said, digital marketing, particularly for mobile devices, plays a considerable role in getting consumers in the door. “Google data shows that 78 percent of holiday shoppers who visited a store in 2017 turned to an online search before going into a store. On top of that, mobile searches for ‘near me’ have grown by more than 150 percent.”
Amazon Works More with Casino
The e-commerce giant is strengthening its ties with French retailer Casino. “The deal, unveiled on Tuesday, will see Amazon lockers installed in 1,000 locations across France in nine of Casino’s brands, including Monoprix, Monop, Geant, Hyper Casino, Casino Supermarche, Leaderprice, Viva, and Spar by the end of the year. The lockers store Amazon products to be picked up by customers.”
New Data Shows Digital Trust Bridges Gap between Fraud Prevention and Growth
A new survey of 500 anti-fraud professionals, conducted by Sift, shows “tension and mistrust on both sides of the fence as organizations struggle to break down the barriers between boosting revenues by meeting customer needs in personalized and innovative ways while protecting those same customers from fraud.” Check it out.
The Robots That Manage the Managers
New managers are increasingly using apps for supervision. “As more millennials move into management jobs, many are finding they lack basic training in such supervisory skills as delivering feedback and delegating work. A new crop of AI-driven coaching apps and platforms are aiming to fill the gap, including Butterfly, Qstream, and LEADx, the Philadelphia-based maker of Coach Amanda.”

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