Loyalty360 Reads: Afterpay and Nift Team Up on Rewards, Sour Patch Kids’ Scary Pic Contest, Ulta Finds Beauty in AI

Afterpay Rewards Customers with Nift Gift Cards  

The installment payments service Afterpay has partnered with Nift Networks to reward customers with gift cards for various products, services, and restaurants. More than 5 million Afterpay customers will receive a card, redeemable for a brand that distributes gift cards through Nift for promotional purposes. Nift currently issues cards on behalf of more than 12,000 brands.  

"We are always looking for ways to improve our consumer shopping experience, and our partnership with Nift does just that," said Marni Schapiro, General Manager, Global Advertising at Afterpay. 

Nift says that since the program began, over 40% of Afterpay customers who received a card have used it to make a first-time purchase of goods or services.   

"We are thrilled to collaborate with Afterpay and empower their customers to discover and trial thousands of new products and services through our exclusive gift network," said Elery Pfeffer, Nift Founder and CEO.  


Sour Patch Kids® Holds Scary Pic Contest for Fans 

The Sour Patch Kids candy brand is having a competition to see who of their fans is the scariest of them all. The Halloween-inspired Cringe or Candy contest encourages fans to upload the most horrifying image from their past for a chance at prizes, including candy and $5,000 cash.  

"From those awkward middle school dances to the regretful hairstyles and outfits that continue to haunt your school pictures, we all have embarrassing, cringe moments from our own past that make us laugh," said Jenna Carls, Senior Brand Manager, Candy at Sour Patch Kids maker Mondelēz International.  

The contest’s official anthem by singer-songwriter Rebecca Black, Can't Outrun the Ghost, debuted October 20 on TikTok.  

Fans can upload their photos through October 31 at www.SPKcringeorcandy.com.  


Ulta Finds Beauty in AI   

The Ulta Beauty brand views AI as essential to making connections with customers. Ulta’s GLAMlab Virtual Try-On application harnesses the power of AI so customers can try out thousands of different beauty products without ever walking into a store. There’s also an AI-driven skin analysis tool that gives personalized skin care recommendations and a step-by-step routine.  

“Team Ulta Beauty is innovative at its heart, in small and big ways,” said the brand’s Chief Digital Officer Prama Bhatt last week on the podcast Retail Gets Real. “Our team is always innovating. Our approach has been one of dreaming big and being action-oriented.” 

Bhatt is especially passionate about generative AI — using technology to create content.  “The irony of generative AI is my hope that it actually becomes the most human thing that we do together because it allows people to really leverage tools in a way that help them do what they do even better and drive even more human connection.” 


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