Loyalty Reads: 7-Eleven Launches EV Charging Network, Dynamic Yield Introduces Mastercard-Powered Personalization, and More

7-Eleven Launches EV Charging Network 

7-Eleven announced a proprietary EV charging network to provide charging services at 7-Eleven locations. Called 7Charge, the network will be one of the largest and most compatible fast-charging networks in North America. 

7Charge will offer EV owners the same convenience and accessibility its fuel customers receive. The charging network will feature common CHAdeMO or Combing Charging System plug types. Additionally, the network comes with a new 7Charge app to create a seamless charging and payment experience. 


Dynamic Yield Introduces Mastercard-Powered Personalization 

Dynamic Yield launched a new suite of Mastercard applications and extensions — Element — to drive personalization for its clients. Element is available through Dynamic Yield’s Experience OS. 

The Element suite brings insight-driven personalization to brands using Mastercard’s proprietary prediction models and aggregated consumer spend insights. Dynamic Yield created the suite in response to growing demand for increased personalization. 


Heinz Partners with Fortnite for CSR Efforts 

Heinz is raising awareness about soil degradation through a digital experience in Fortnite. “S.O.S Tomato Island” requires Fortnite players to maintain the health of a tomato farm, utilizing Fortnite’s progressively shrinking island feature. 

In addition to the digital experience, Heinz committed to help protect an extra 13.5 million square acres of soil on top of its current environmental efforts. The Fortnite experience and environmental commitment are part of the brand’s overall CSR and sustainability efforts. 


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