Carol Austin, Vice President of Marketing, Baskin-Robbins, told Loyalty360 that she is excited about the launch of the company’s new mobile app because it provides for a new and more targeted approach to customer engagement. The new app will be used for greater personalization, more relevant information, and lead to, hopefully, increased brand loyalty.

Tillster, a leading provider of restaurant digital ordering and customer engagement products and services, will power the new mobile app from Baskin-Robbins, the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty shops. In addition to money-saving deals, ice cream fans can use the app to pay for their favorite flavored ice cream treats, frozen, and ice cream cakes with a Baskin-Robbins card and send virtual Baskin-Robbins cards to friends and family by text or email. To celebrate the launch, guests will receive a mobile offer for a free regular 4 oz. scoop of their favorite ice cream when they download the app.

“Our goal is to make it even easier and more fun for our guests to enjoy Baskin-Robbins’ ice cream flavors and delicious range of frozen desserts,” Austin explained. “With our new mobile app, guests will gain access to various mobile deals and coupons, have the ability to pay for their order with virtual Baskin-Robbins cards, and stay informed about Baskin-Robbins promotions and events throughout the year, including the current Flavor of the Month each month.”

Austin is particularly excited about the app’s events feature, which keeps guests informed about Baskin-Robbins promotions, events, and celebrations throughout the year.

“Users can also add their own events to the calendar in the app, such as upcoming birthdays for friends and family members, so they get a reminder that it’s almost time to celebrate with ice cream or a personalized ice cream cake,” Austin said. “Down the road, we hope to also weave in locally relevant events into the Baskin-Robbins mobile app, to shine the spotlight on the local community and Baskin-Robbins shop events that might be of interest to our guests. Additionally, when browsing our menu of ice cream flavors and frozen treats in the Baskin-Robbins app, guests have the ability to filter products according to their individual nutritional needs. For instance, guests can filter for flavors that contain no peanuts, no milk or no wheat, among other options. We’ve found that having quick access to this type of nutrition information has become increasingly important for our guests, so this feature is a reflection of our brand’s desire to meet our customers’ needs.”

What’s more, the new mobile app offers Baskin-Robbins “a whole new way to engage with and reward our loyal guests,” Austin said. “Now, we’ll have the ability to offer targeted mobile offers that are hyper-relevant to our guests, and keep them informed of upcoming events and promotions through the mobile app. Additionally, giving our guests the ability to pay for their order with the Baskin-Robbins mobile app is particularly powerful, and gives our guests more flexibility during their Baskin-Robbins visits.”

Guest feedback played a role in the types of features being offered in the app, and was gathered throughout the testing process for the app.

“We wanted to be sure to offer the features that were most important to our guests, such as the ability to pay with a virtual Baskin-Robbins card, view product information, and receive special deals and coupons through the app,” Austin explained. “We’re proud of the work we do each and every day to bring more flavors and more fun to our guests, all starting with the pink spoon samples they’re offered when they walk through the door of a Baskin-Robbins shop. We strive to take our guests on a flavor adventure every time they visit, and our new mobile app gives us the ability to further engage our guests in the Baskin-Robbins brand, and make it even easier for them to enjoy our wide range of ice creams and frozen desserts.”

Tillster CMO Hope Neiman told Loyalty360 that the app “promises to enhance the customer experience and likely lead to repeat orders through fast, convenient, and value-enhancing features, including quick-pay, mobile gifting, and personalized offers. Most notably, the app’s payment function and mobile gifting options will tremendously appeal to consumers. This is Baskin-Robbins first personalized mobile app that allows event marketing so that customers can celebrate key milestones such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and other events specific to them with personalized savings on their favorite frozen treats.” 

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