Bank of America and Starbucks Heighten Customer Experience with Loyalty Partnership

Bank of America and Starbucks recently announced a partnership to reward their customers with more benefits. Starbucks Rewards members can earn an additional star for every $2 spent, which can be used for free food, drinks, and merchandise at participating Starbucks locations. Bank of America cardholders also benefit from the partnership, earning an additional 2% cash back on qualifying purchases. Bank of America customers and Starbucks Rewards account holders must link their credit or debit cards with their Starbucks in-app purchases to unlock the new benefits.  

Shikha Narula, Bank of America’s head of consumer and small business product strategy and transformation, said, “Partnering with Starbucks is part of our commitment to invest in meaningful ways to thank our clients for choosing to do business with us. We are pleased to give Bank of America clients and Starbucks customers even more opportunities to make their everyday financial lives more rewarding.” 

Starbucks’ vice president of loyalty strategy and marketing, Ryan Butz, added, “We are pleased to partner with Bank of America and offer Starbucks Rewards members even more valuable benefits like Cash Back and more Stars. This partnership is the latest example of how we are continuing to invest in our most loyal customers to deepen engagement and connection by offering benefits and experiences that can’t be found anywhere else.” 

The Starbucks partnership is part of the BankAmeriDeals® program, launched by Bank of America in 2012. The program allows the bank’s 45M+ clients to benefit from several curated cashback deals. 

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